22. Fighting the Kebo Ireng Gang

"Hah?" Tedy wrinkled his forehead.

Without further ado, Ningsih immediately kicked Tedy's crotch with her knee.

"Aaaah...! Fucking woman!" The fat man let go of his embrace. "Make him understand how to properly serve men!" Tedy commanded all his men.

Eight men came forward to gang up on Ningsih alone. The woman took a step back, she squinted to predict the movements of those who were advancing to attack in turn.


Someone hit his fist towards Ningsih. The woman managed to dodge by crouching slightly and then forming a stance. Ningsih realized that a man had put a foot behind her.


Ningsih caught the man's leg on her shoulder, then gripped it tightly with both hands. Then she threw the man forward.


The woman grabbed his leg again and swung in a circular motion to hit the people around her. He managed to overthrow eight people.

"Wow ... wow! Apparently you are quite capable," Tedy said. "Now let's see, can you handle this one?"

Two people came forward wielding a kater kn
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