23. That is poop

"Aaaaaaaaargh." Tedy let go of Tukijo's collar.

"If you manage to take someone down, don't give them a chance to strike back!" Ningsih's words echoed in Tukijo's head.

Tukijo again whipped the fat Tedy with his school belt without stopping until he fell down.

Soib managed to get out of the pile of wood that was on top of him. He quietly walked slowly behind Tukijo to hit him with a stick.

Unfortunately Ningsih realized Soib's movements. He took the slipper at her feet and threw it at Soib.


The slipper landed on Soib's face.

Soib felt something mushy stick to his nose. It was brown in color and had a very strong odor.

"What's this?" said Soib as he inflated his nose.

Then he picked it up with his index finger. "It's like chicken droppings," he said, kissing the mushy something.

"Uh, right... it's chicken poop. Bleee!" He fainted and couldn't hold the smell.

In the midst of an endless battle, Marno saw his master's hand dripping with blood. He said, "Miss, your hands!"

"I'm okay,"
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