Months crawled by, and I made sure to avoid Sophia and Alex. My room became a haven. Away from everyone where it was safe. I couldn't hurt anyone this way. At other times, I would go to the cave. After all, it was my secret place.  

There, the man would visit me until I could visit him. He became my tutor. As it turned out, he was my late grandfather. I wasn't even sure how many greats were before grandfather. It was a bit odd, but my whole family was unusual. I had powers. What was not strange with that? 

The man and I became close enough, so instead of saying great grandfather, I called him Gramps. As it turned out, he was dead. It was laughable. I had gone insane. Sure, the dozens of psychiatric patients could testify of talking with dead people. 

Even though he was a lifesaver, I often asked why he was here. Every time he would give me the same answer: I needed help. My brain translated it as my powers were out of control, so he was here to preve

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