Chapter 45


“Baby girl, you need to sit down” Niklaus whispered to me and I shook my head at him pacing around the people who were in need, everything was a mess. The people who have managed to escape the terrifying events that happened were either coming to their senses after the shock they’ve been through or healing using vampire blood. The people were petrified and despite not wanting to show it, I was too, and I was well aware that my husband could feel it too.

Everyone around us has lost their homes, most of them have lost their families and loved ones. I couldn’t handle the situation that we were put in, what I saw, the people’s screams and cries filled my ears and the vision of the fire haunted my mind the second I closed my eyes. Niklaus has been watching me for the past hour trying to stop me, but all his tries went in vain. I needed to keep myself distracted before everything that happened hit me. As I knew that this was no time or pl

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