Chapter 7

Giselle's POV :

I was cut off by.....his hand. His face was so close to mine and his blue eyes were directly staring into mine with so much intensity. My heart was rapidly beating in my chest.

Now, I could see his face even more clearly. From his perfectly shaped thick black eyebrows to his perfectly sculpted nose to his perfectly shaped lips to his light stubble to his strong sharp jaw. I had to give him credit for his looks, but that doesn't faze me. My vision was still hazy, but I can make out my words. I blinked several times when his lips came closer to my ear.

"Next time you don't shut up, it won't be my hand that cuts you off, it'll be my mouth. Verbally or physically..."

What? He got me out of the car and ushered me into his house. It was like the typical billionare house. I guess he's the only one who lives here.

He went into his office and got out some files. He handed these files to me and said, "I want these by tomorrow night."

I giggled and took the files. I blame the alcohol. I pinched his cheeks and said, "You know boss, sometimes you're very cute."

Well, that was a wrong move. His face became red in anger. He caught my hand and literally crushed it. I yelped and pulled my hand away. 

"Refrain from touching me Ms. Marcello."

I looked at him and tears started forming in my eyes. Why is everyone being so mean to me? I wobbled and managed to get out of his house through his door. I realised that I had no ride. I came with Natalie.

Now I have to walk! Well, it's better than staying in his house. As I started walking away from his house, a hand harshly grabbed my elbow. OW! I turned to see who it was and who else could it be? My boss.

I turned to him and said, "Why are you always hurting me? What did I do to you?" There were drops of water running down my face.

"Where are you going?" He asked in monotone.


"How are you going?"

"Can't you see that I'm walking?"

"It's not safe."

"Why do you care anyways? What are you? My mother?"

"I DON'T care! Just imagine what the media would write if I sent you back at this hour."

"I don't care about all that. I just want to go home. Can you please drive me back."


"Why not? Then I'm walking."

"GISELLE! SHUT UP and get inside!" He said through gritted teeth.

I looked at him straight in the eye and said, "I HATE YOU!" 

"Good. The feeling is mutual."

I went and sat on a bench which was in his garden. There were tears pouring down. This is why I refrain taking alcohol. I always end up a crying mess, with or without a reason.  Yes, I'm miserable when I'm drunk.

I started talking to myself, "Why does everyone hate me? My boss hates me. Travis hates me and likes Tulia more than me. God! I'm so miserable. But, I'm thankful that I have a job and a caring family. Who needs Travis? Tulia can have him for all I care."

"Are you going to sit like this the whole night?"

"Yes, I'm sorry I'm using up your bench. I can't sit down. I'm afraid of spiders. Please sir, just get me a taxi."

"No, it's not safe."

"Then what is safe?!"

"Being with me till the morning. I won't send my female P.A out at midnight."

"Why can't you drop me home?"

"Ms. Marcello, understand that my house is very far from your house, we both have to go to work tomorrow. Neither of us should be falling asleep in the middle of work."

I laid on the bench and used my arm as a pillow. I neatly tucked my files to my other side and muttered, "Goodnight."

Morning came and I expected to be on a fluffy bed, but hey! This is THE Alvador Armanio we're talking about. He's no gentleman.

I rose from the bench and my whole body was stiff. I got up and stretched. I wonder how that man slept. My head is aching. I just have to wait till I get home. I have Aspirin in my purse, but I don't have water. I don't remember much from last night. I'll remember bits day after day. 

I took my files and called a taxi. I didn't call one yesterday because I was probably too drunk. I booked an Uber and it showed that it would arrive in 10 minutes.

I sat down on the bench again and my head started pounding. I held my head in my hands and closed my eyes and that's when I felt a shadow looming over me. I slowly lifted my head up and saw Mr. Armanio. Mr. Armanio sounds very old.

I stood up to my full height and realised that he had no shirt on, a towel hanging around his neck and grey joggers. His hair was mussed up and there was sweat running down the side of his face which trickled down his neck and down...I didn't look. I didn't have to.

"Don't worry sir, I'll complete these by tonight."

"You can take a shower inside."

"Thanks for the offer, but I ordered an Uber just now."

"Did I ask you Ms. Marcello?"

"Well, I couldn't straight out say no...."

I stopped mid sentence when I heard a honk. I turned to see my Uber. Glad that it came, I skipped towards it.

Before I got into the Uber I turned back and said, "Thanks for the bench, sir."

I got into the Uber and it sped off.

As soon as I reached my home, I chugged a glass of water with Aspirin. I freshened up, took my files and headed to work.

As soon as I reached work, I started working on my files.

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