Chapter 46

Giselle's POV :

We quietly slipped into their warehouse. There were so many members.

But, when they realize that it was us, it was chaos everywhere. There was blood, bullets, and weapons everywhere.

I took down whoever I could. It was all blood and gore. I got stabbed and shot. But, the men of Devil's wrath were very strong.

One could say they were a little more skilled than the other mafia. Everybody was fighting and I even spotted Tito. But, he didn't recognize me.

Hell's men were going down in number. It was clear that we had the upper hand. But, even our men weren't in a good condition.

I saw Venettio fighting with a man. I was approaching them, and from the corner of my eyes, I saw someone aiming his gun at Venettio.

It didn't take me a heartbeat to run over to him and act as his shield. I was ready to embrace the bullet, but

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