Chapter 5

Giselle's POV :

I put an annoyed expression and continued my conversation with Travis.

"Nothing much." He replied

"It's unusual for you to call me. I'm always the one who calls."

"What are you implying?"

"Nothing, I'm just stating facts Travis. I guess the truths are always bitter."

"Oh yeah? My truths are bitter huh? Like you don't have bitter truths."

"What bitter truths do I have? I told you everything honestly. Why are we even arguing over the phone?"

"Well, I'm not near you so god knows what you're doing with that boss of yours."

I gasped, "You did NOT just accuse me."

"Oh I did."

"YOU JERK! How dare you? After all the years we've known eachother, this is the question you ask me?"


"Yeah? I don't need to explain anything to you. Am I uttering a single word about you and Tulia? HUH?"

"So now you're accusing me?"

"The reason that I didn't suspect you is because I trust you. Trust is the foundation to a relationship. Clearly, you don't have it in me."

He cut the call. I didn't even want to call him back.

He was staring at me with an amused expression.

"Sir, can I go back home now?"

He put a sly face and said, "Yes, if you're sure you won't feel lonely."

"Oh sir, you've mistaken. I have lots of good company to have fun with."

He narrowed his eyes and cornered me, "Who might that be exactly?"

"That is my personal matter sir. It would be better for you if you don't meddle in my personal life, sir."

He clenched his jaw because there was nothing he could say back to me. I stated facts.

"Get OUT of my sight!"

"Gladly." I muttered under my breath.

I took the unfinished files and reached the ground floor. I heard Natalie calling my name. I turned to her and asked, "Hey! What's up?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to go clubbing with me?"

"I have to go-"

'Pleeaaaaaaseeeeeee Giselle, it'll be so much fun. It'll be our first girl's night out. We can change at my house."

"I don't have an appropriate dress Nat."

"That's what I'm here for."

"Natalie, I have to submit all these files tomorrow."

She glanced at the files and said, "Ok how about we finish these off right now. We wouldn't want the boss getting angry. It's not a pretty sight."

She drove us to her home which was welcoming. I sat and finished those files in  4 and a half hours considering it was 8:20 as of now. I was finishing mine and she was finishing hers. Even though I did it quick, I worked on each file efficiently. They were not as big as the first five. I'm lucky I finished them before hand. We finally finished at 1:00 a.m even after eating dinner.

After we were finally finished, I was trying to convince her into not going, but she wasn't having any of it.

She was showing me dress after dress, but all of them were rejected by me. They were simply inappropriate.

"Gosh! Elle! If you don't like this one I'm gonna put it on you myself."

I rolled my eyes. She pulled out the dress and it looked.....good. It was a sleek red dress. It was just the right length. It was strapless and had stones on its neckline. 

She grabbed my hand, placed the dress in it, and shoved me in the bathroom.

I slipped it on and it fit me perfectly in all the right places. I guess I looked.....good.

By the time I came out, Natalie also changed into her hot pink dress. It suited her well. She squealed by looking at me.

"I'll do the perfect hair and make-up for you. Men will swoon over you after I'm done."

"Natalie, I'm not going for men. I have a boyfriend."

"Okay whatever mom."

She did my hair in a sleek pony. She gave me a smokey eye look with black eye shadow. She put on dark red lipstick on me and I was done. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I was shocked. Natalie did a great job. By the time I turned around, she finished off her makeup.

She grabbed my hand and she started driving to the club. The exterior was big and read 'Nightclub'. Pfft! Yeah. like that wasnt obvious. There was a double 'A' as a logo. I entered and it looked so grand. So familiar too. I'm getting a familiar feeling from this club.

"Nat, are we even supposed to be here?"

"Of course, I even have a club membership. Now lets have some FUN."

I chuckled at her excitement and followed her. She dragged me to the dance floor and we danced like there was no tomorrow. I was really enjoying myself, letting go of the pent- up tension and stress. 

After getting exhausted, I sat on one of the bar stools. 

"What would you like ma'am?" The server asked me.

"I'd love a glass of water."

He placed a glass in front of me. Without thinking twice, I swallowed the liquid down and it burned my throat. I chocked and asked him, "What's this?"

"There was no water, so I gave you a shot of vodka."

"You idiot!" Ugh! I never take alcohol well. It's vodka at that! I already feel slurry and dizzy. I managed to clear my mind and found Nat dancing with some random guy.

"Nat, can we go now?"

"Go where? We just came here."

"The waiter gave me vodka and I took it! Now, I feel dizzy."

"Ok Elle, just sit on one of the bar stools and we'll head out."

I nodded and sat on one of the bar stools. I was planning to sit still, but I could feel the alcohol kicking in and before I knew, I wasn't sitting on the stool anymore. I'm having sudden bursts of excitement and drunk me is always an ugly sight!

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