Chapter 4

Giselle's POV :

When we entered the room, it was empty. Mr. Armanio was setting up the projector for his presentation. I was setting up the table.

"Go and get me my charts. I forgot them. Be back soon."

"Yes sir."

I went out of the room. I decided to make a quick stop to the washroom. After I fixed my appearance, I noticed that my hair was all over the place, I decided to comb it back into place. I got out of the washroom with a bunch of charts in my hand. I had to struggle to open the door knob, but I eventually did and all eyes were on me. This is so embarrassing. I blushed and put the charts in their designated places.

I took a seat next to a man which was empty. All of the men had already arrived, so I took up that chair. Mr. Armanio started, "Good afternoon gentlemen......."

I was keenly listening to his words and taking down notes. When Mr. Armanio was answering the questions one by one, the man sitting beside me raised his hand. It was only then I noticed how good he looked. The man had dark brown hair, hazel eyes, perfect lips and thick eyebrows. He was quite the looker. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes while raising his hand.

He asked, "Mr. Armanio, I have a question for you."

"Of course, ask away Mr. Fernando."

"Who's the beautiful lady sitting next to me? I've never seen her around here."

Mr. Armanio raised an eyebrow at him.

I answered for him, "Good afternoon sir, I'm Mr. Armanio's new P.A. It's a pleasure meeting you." I said in my most professional tone.

"Is that so? Do you have a name or can I call you mine?"

I chuckled at his pick up line and said, "My name is Giselle Marcello. My boyfriend used that pick up line on me two years ago sir."

There were chuckles from everyone as they left the room.

"Aw, dang! I guess I'm two years too late. Please don't call me sir. My name is Michael Fernando. Call me whatever you want, even if its darling or sweetheart." He winked at the last.

I couldn't help but smile at his behaviour. He got up and took my hand in his, "Let's get a coffee."

"But I'm already taken."

"Geez, I won't steal you. What's wrong in being friends?"

I noticed that Mr. Armanio was still in the room looking at us. "Umm sir, can I go or is there more work for me?"

"Do whatever you want." He said that and was out in a flash.

Michael took me to the near by café. We chatted and enjoyed each other's company. He was a really good guy. I'm surprised that there's still people like him.

"Well, Giselle, I had a really good time with you, but I have to get going. I can't believe a girl like you with a good sense of humour still exists. If you get tired of Armanio Enterprises, you are always welcome to join Fernando Corporates."

He handed me a card and I thanked him. We hugged eachother goodbye and parted ways. I went back to my office and knocked on Mr. Armanio's door for more files.

I entered the room and he looked like he was going to kill me. He was stalking towards me like I was his prey and I was going back till my back hit a wall. His eyes were filled with rage. He trapped me to the wall and banged the door with his right fist.

"I told you ONE thing. NOT to flirt with anyone. You did just THAT."

"I wasn't flirting. He wanted to know me better as a friend so we were just chatting."

"Now, do you know what everyone will think? They'll think I hired you because of your looks and because you're a flirt. They'll think our company's standards dropped so low that I'm hiring inefficient P.A's."

"I didn't think of it in that way. I'm sorry sir."

"Your sorry won't fix anything. Next time you repeat this, your fired. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Yes sir."

I don't know what the hell is wrong with him. I don't recall doing anything that made him hate me so much. Getting on your boss's bad side is never a good thing. He could fire me any second!

He handed me a bunch of files and said, "I want all of these done by tomorrow."

I looked at him incredulously. "By tomorrow?"

"Yes, I don't like repeating myself. Now, get out and start working on them."

"By what time sir?"

"By noon."

I went out of his room and started working on them. Each file took me an hour. His previous P.A sure left a load of work before she left. There's 12 files in total. I've only finished 5 so far.

It's getting late. I have to head home, I'll work on them there. I knocked on his door and went in. he wore his spectacles which were big and were black rimmed. His hair was dishevelled. He must of been running his hands through it a lot. He looked like a beast.

I handed him the 5 finished files and said, "Sir, I've finished these 5 files. I'll do the rest at home. Can I take my leave?"

He looked up from his laptop and stared at me. I held out my files to him. He snatched them and scanned them.

Meanwhile, my phone started ringing.

"Excuse me."

"Don't go. Talk right here."

"Sir, it's personal."

"Doesn't matter."

I picked up the phone before it stopped ringing. I would argue more, but my call would've ended.


"Hey Giselle, it's me Travis."

As soon as I heard that voice, a huge grin adorned my face. I could feel Mr. Armanio's stare on me. I felt uncomfortable so I turned around so my back was facing him.

"Hey Trav! What's up?"

Mr. Armanio grabbed my shoulders and made me face him. He pointed towards his eyes with his middle and index fingers and then to mine with the same fingers.

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