Chapter 43

Giselle's POV :

I went to my car in dissapointment.

I drove all the way to my apartment without stopping for even a minute.

I reached my apartment and breathed in the familiar homey scent.

Home sweet home. I locked the door and immediately went to the bathroom. I took off my wig and showered.

I looked in the mirror and sighed. Finally, I didn't have to disguise myself anymore.

I immediately went to my office and I was greeted by my employees.

I thanked Celia and got to work. I was checking files all day long. Finally at night, I checked and signed a good amount of files.

By the time I reached my apartment, it was 9 pm. I fell back on the bed and immediately called Chelsea.

I told her each and every thing that had happened. I burst out in tears when I told her about the close proximity to Joana.

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