Chapter 2

Giselle's POV :

"OH MY GOSH! Are you serious sir??"

"Yes I am dear. Your work starts from tomorrow."

"Thanks a lot sir. I will try my best to fulfil my duties as your personal assistant."

"I'm sorry but you won't be working as my personal assistant. You'll be working for Alvador, my son. I actually live with my other son in London who handles the company there."


I thanked him once again. Before I left, he patted my head and wished me luck for dealing with his son, who apparently has anger issues.

When I reached the ground floor, I gave the receptionist a thumbs up which she also returned with a huge grin. I saw Mr. Giant at the entrance and smirked. His father had hired me. I could see his anger bubbling.

Just as I was about to walk out, I tripped over something and I would've fell face flat if I hadn't balanced myself.

I could hear snickers from everywhere. I looked the side and saw Mr. Giant jerk crouching down. I knew he tripped me over.

"Next time you play with fire, remember one thing little maggot. Whether you touch fire or fire touches you, you'll get burnt in the end. I AM the fire!"

With a smirk, he walked away.

I got up and ran to my car. I don't need to react to him. I drove to my comfortable apartment and changed into comfortable clothes.

I dialled Travis's number and he picked up very late. He seems very distant these days. I guess the long distance has taken a toll on both of us. He lives in California and I live in New York.

"Hello?" I smiled by hearing his voice.

"Hello Trav, it's me, Giselle! Did you forget about me?"

"Of course not." He chuckled and replied in a bored tone.

"Travis, what's wrong with you. I can see that something has been bugging you lately. Care to share?"

"It's nothing Giselle. Just mind your own business."

"You are my business Travis. At least, I didn't disown you like you did to me."

"Shut up Giselle! I'm not in the mood for your non-sense."

"Oh so now I am the one spouting non-sense?"

"Always were and you still are."

"TRAVIS! What the hell is wrong with you?"


"Well, I just called to tell you that I got a job at Armanio Enterprises. Mr. Armanio is a very nic-" I was cut off by his laughter on the other end.

"What? Did I say something funny?"

"Um....what? Oh no not at all. Congratulations by the way." I could even hear a female snickering.

"Travis are you out with your friends? I could call you later."

"Yeah, that would be better."

"Ok then, bye. Miss you."

"Hmm, bye."

I didn't even cut the call, he did it before me. I made my next phone call to my mom. She immediately picked up the phone. 

"GISELLE! Tell me all the details!"

I chuckled and said, "MOM! I got the job at Armanio Enterprises."

I heard a gasp at the other end. I told her all the details about Mr. Armanio and Mr. Giant. My mom laughed and we both decided to call it a night.

I decided to make my last phone call to my best friend, Tulia. She also picked up very late. 

"Hello?" I could hear her sugar coated words. I smiled to myself.

"Hey! Tulia, guess what?"

"What?" She asked excited.

"I got a job in Armanio Enterprises!" Both of us squealed at the same time.

I was giving her all the details when I heard Travis's voice.

I asked her, "Hey Tulia, are you hanging with Travis?"

"Yeah, actually I am."

"Oh well that's great. He must be very bored these days."

"Oh don't worry Elle. I've been keeping him company. Afterall, me and him are like best buddies."

"Yeah, okay then I have to go Tulia. Nice talking to you. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Elle."

Tulia has been my childhood best friend. She actually used to crush on Travis in college, but she came over it. That's what she said, I don't know how far that's true. I can't help, but feel suspicious when I'm around the both of them. I trust Travis. In fact, he knew that Tulia used to crush on him. He said he didn't care. They were just good friends in the end. I keep telling myself that, but I can't help, but feel that something is off. I guess I'm just being paranoid.

I checked my clock and it was already 11:00 p.m. I decided to read some Wattpad and get some shut eye.

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. the next morning. I couldn't sleep well. I brushed, ate my breakfast and sat in front of my computer to search up more about Armanio Enterprises.

It topped the Forbes top five list of multi-billionare companies. I have no idea how I got a job there. But, boy! Am I lucky!

Okay, so Alvador Armanio has a brother, Tito Armanio who is older than him. Tito Armanio is 28 and Alvador Armanio is 26. Tito lives in London running the other branch of Armanio Enterprises. This Mr. Giant is known to be a player. I thought so! He can use his Latin charms on anyone, but he can't use them on me! I'll make sure of it.

I checked the clock and it read '6:45'. Time to bathe. I came out of the shower and wore my usual attire. A button up shirt, a pencil skirt, and stilettos. Today, I decided to leave my hair to dry as I showered.

I had to be at work by 8:00 a.m. I locked my apartment, got into my car and drove off.

I reached there 30 minutes early. I got out of my car and prepared for my first day of work. I walked in and was greeted by the receptionist, whose name was Natalie. 

"Good morning Natalie."

"Likewise Giselle."

I got into the crowded elevator and pressed my floor number. I was the last to get off the elevator.

When I stepped foot on the floor, it was calm and serene. In fact, TOO calm and serene.

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Anna Soliz Adkins
Tulia "used to" crush on Travis? Hmmm, sounds like it's still going on to me anyhow!

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