9 chapters
I stared at the bright screen on my phone. [11:55 pm] Only five minutes left before my unavoidable end. It was really nothing new to me now compared to the first time I experienced it. But hey, dying was still painful. I'm not a freaking masochist. You could simply say, I already got used to it. IIt's not like there is anything I could do. I just hope that it won't be as painful as the last time. Where a robber climbed into my room. And I really swear that I locked my window during that time. But the curse really worked its magic and the robber was able to get in. When he saw that I was awake at that time, he brought out a knife from his small bag and rushed to me. He kept stabbing me all over and over again until, yep, I died. Why didn't I try to fight back or anything? Of course, just like I said it was like a curse. I was having a fever that time that made it difficult for me to move. Hayss. [11:58 pm] Sigh. I hope at least I get reincarnated to the modern world again. It
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Chapter 1
"Celene Monte, 14," I introduced myself. My gaze went to the whole class that were not even paying attention to me and shrugged my shoulders. I turned my head to the teacher whose name I didn't bother to remember and asked if I could go back to my seat. She gave me a quick nod and called the next student. I went back to my seat in the front row on the right side of the classroom. The first day of school really sucks. No matter how many lifetimes I was already reborn, this is one of the things I hated. Though I was lucky to get reborn in a modern world just like I hoped for. But this time I was not an orphan like the 99th life. My parents urged me to go to school even though I didn't want it. "You're already in the second year of your high school life! And you are still like that! Just better use your energy to make friends rather than being cooped up in the house and keep whining on not going outside." I remembered how mom scolded me when I tried to reason that I didn't want to go
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Chapter 2
"Ah!" The shrilling scream of a man echoed through the school backyard.And without delay, my body moved on its own.   "Crap! Wrong move!"   *Boogsh!* This is just the first day and everything was a freaking mess. "Damn you." My world turned completely dark as the large gorilla used me as his fusion from his fall. -------------------------------------------------------------"You didn't attend the live concert earlier and now we find you here. Already causing trouble!"   I could hear a voice of a guy. And from the gist of it, his angry? Why is that?
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Chapter 3
"Join my band, Celene."   Her eyes sparkled with glee as she awaited my answer.   Sigh. 'What a way to start my day.'   I looked straight into her dark eyes. "Ms.  Monica. Whatever is on your mind. You've got the wrong thing. And besides, I can't sing well."   'Let's become the top idol in the world!'   'Yes.'  Read more
Chapter 4
It's been two days since the fight I had with Monica and it's already the weekend too. I tossed the ball up and down. I just wanted to keep moping around in my room. Yesterday's drama kept coming back into my mind. "Aishhh!" I rubbed my hair. The ringtone of my phone rang. Where the heck I put it? Ah right. It's in my bag. As I get my phone from my bag, a folded paper fell from it. It's the mus
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Chapter 5
It was already the morning of Sunday. Clara decided to go for a walk in the park. It's only a 2-kilometer walk from our house. "Let's get going! Let's get going!" Clara pulled my hands to the front entrance of our house. Her voice was full of excitement. "Mom and Dad! We're going!" I yelled. "Be careful!" Dad was ecstatic. "Remember to return before lunch!" Mom said. "Yeah," We noticed someone as we were leaving the house. Aunt Meliza is sweeping the streets, which are strewn with dry red flowers from the fire tree. Even though it's July, the fire trees are still blooming. She isn't connected by blood or anything. But we simply referred to her as an aunt. She is our next-door neighbor who lives with us since my parents are still young adults. So our family is already quite close with her. "Good day, aunt!" Clara was thrilled 
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For Your Dear Peace
A perfect Sunday morning where there was no school, work, or anything to think of, was supposed to be the time you'll felt relax and have a good time rest. Well, only if you didn't have anything to rush for your deadline. And since the school year just started there was nothing much to do first. So life sucks if you still needed to do work on this beautiful day. And life sucks if you needed to deal with a lot of problem children in some random park.  I took a deep breath. 'Here goes nothing.' "Carla, we will play something else ok?"  They all turned to me at my sudden change of attitude. "Play? Yes!" Carla jumped up and down. The two problem children. Monica, Cylle looked at me with confusion. While Dylan's smile only grew as if something interesting was going to happen.  I immediately pulled Carla's hands. "For our dear peace..." I dashed with
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Chapter 7: To Care or Not?
'"Sister! Wake up!"   "I don't want to!"    "Why do you always make things difficult for me?"   "Because mom invites those people in dinner!"   "Celestine Monte! Wake up!"    My body stood up like it was being controlled by someone. My back was straight like those military shoulders. 'Mom called me in my full name. Hah. I'm sure in trouble.   "Why are you always like this in school mornings?" Mom said as she leaned on the door of my room, her arms crossed.    "Carla, go eat your breakfast now. I'll deal with your sister now."   "Alright! Good luck Celene!" Carla said as she dashed out of the room.   I sat back on my bed as mom moved closer to me. "Why do you hate so much that I invited them for dinner yesterday."   "Because I don't like them," I replied with hon
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Chapter 8
"Hey!" I shouted which made the whole auditorium silent.The booes and the bashing of the students stopped as they all looked at me. 'Well since I decided to get involved, let me make this a blast that no one would ever forget! My eyes looked everywhere until they stopped in a certain direction.'Perfect.' "Hey..." The student council president wanted to say something to me more, but I didn't have time for her. On my mark, I ran towards the direction of the stage."Let me borrow this for now," I said as I grabbed a guitar from a random student.I jumped high above the railings then while in the air, I grabbed one of the cords to connect the guitar to the speaker. As I put the condenser on, I landed on the stage perfectl
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