L Oryh Brx

L Oryh Brx

By:  Shianne De Kock  Completed
Language: English
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Jane Randall already lost everyone she loved. On the verge of death, her life was spared by a mysterious young man. Nothing seemed to make sense to her. Only her best friend Rocksyn could peek over the wall she built. Sebastian shows up and knows more about her than any person should. Slowly he breaks down her wall and teaches her about trust, love and more about herself. Taine Mecer decides to enter her life and claims her with just a kiss. One makes her feel safe and happy while the other sets her on fire with just a touch. How can she choose between two people whom she is falling for at the same time? Confusing information surfaces about Sebastian that has him on the run. His true self needs to be revealed... but will it draw her more towards him or push her away?

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21 chapters
Chapter 1: My new stalker
10th August 2012; when it all began. I was in sixth grade, at a school in Randfontein, Gauteng, South Africa. It was the November school holidays, my family -which consisted of my mom, dad, little brother, Jake, and older sister, Rachael- were travelling home from my Dad's sister, Aunty Lydia, when a truck collided with our car. My mom and dad were killed instantly due to the pressure beneath the truck, but my siblings and I were rushed to the hospital. Rachael died on the way to the hospital and Jake during surgery. I was in a coma for three days before my heart stopped beating and I slipped away. A teenage boy had run into my room screaming. He burnt a small circle on my arm just before security dragged him out of the room. Nobody knew who he was or what he had been doing at that hospital. It struck the hospital dead when my heart started beating two hours later. Most people believed it was the miracle of Jesus Christ.
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Chapter 2: Friends
While Sebastian and I were walking back to my apartment I received a message from Rocksyn: Hey. Want to hang out tonight? If Sebastian is there can I come to your place? Hey. You can come now if you want and sleepover? Okay. Just gonna quickly pack. Okay, see you soon. I handed my phone to Sebastian to read the messages. "Why does Rocksyn want me to be at your apartment?" He questioned. "I think she likes you." I laughed. "Oh...did she hate me before? 'Cause how come she only likes me now?" "No silly, I mean she like likes you. You know as a boyfriend..." "So, are you implying she has an attraction towards me?" "Yeah, something like that." "But I don't feel the same way. Should I tell her?" "No! I didn't say she does,
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Chapter 3: Telepathically speaking
We were at someplace called Deluxe. I've heard about it before from some girls at school. It was also a clothing shop. "Welcome to Deluxe. Is there anything specific you're looking for?" A woman asked as we walked in. Sebastian whispered something to her, but I couldn't hear what he said. She smiled at him and handed him a key. "If you'll follow me." She led us to a private dressing room. It had a double couch facing towards a smaller room with a curtain covering it. Next to the couch was a coffee table with refreshments on it. "I'll be just a moment." The same woman said as she left the room. "Friendly service they have here." Sebastian laughed as he sat down. I sat down next to him. "What did you buy at the other place?" I silently asked him. "Two pairs of tracksuits and a black leopard spotted onesie." He replied. The lady- whose name turned out to be Sara
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Chapter 4: First
So, first of all, we downed our awful drinks. Sebastian pulled such a funny face afterwards! Rocksyn went dancing with a group of these other girls she knew and left us. "Why don’t you go and dance?" Sebastian asked as he leaned in to make himself be heard. "I don't dance. How about you?" I replied. "I don't know, never have." "They say you just go with the beat." "How?" He requested. I called Rocksyn over and she ran over to us. "Will you show Sebastian how to dance?" I asked her. "Come with me." She laughed as she pulled him onto the dance floor. I knew she loved to dance. Think I'll go get some fresh air. I thought as I headed towards the back door. Cool hey? The club was on a beach. It was quite a squeeze to get past all the dancers. I bumped into this one guy during the process. "Hey wa
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Chapter 5: Gone
I couldn't find Sebastian anywhere, so I had to walk home alone. I unlocked my door and walked in. Music was softly playing from the radio and there were cups on the coffee table. I took them to the kitchen and went to my room. I walked in and found Sebastian fast asleep on the bed. Which I didn't even mind. He looked so peaceful, so I silently put my bag into my cupboard and closed the door behind me. I watched TV for a while then decided to go visit my aunt. *** "Lydia your niece is here for you." The security woman said into the intercom, "Will do." She turned towards me and smiled, "You may go up." "Thank you." I smiled back and headed towards the elevator. Aunt Lydia's office was on the 5th floor. I knocked on her door then let myself in. "Jane darling!" She shouted as she pulled me into her
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Chapter 6: Gifts
Three weeks later, Tuesday night at Rocksyn’s place. I had just told her about what happened and about Sebastian’s disappearance. Every time she asked before I told her I didn’t wanna talk about it, but I guess it was time to accept reality. "Oh, Jane. I’m so sorry." She said sympathetically. "No man, at least now I won’t have a stalker hanging around my apartment." I laughed, hiding the hurt I actually felt. "Well forget about Sebastian. What’s tomorrow?" "Umm Wednesday." "Duh hey silly. But no, what’s happening tomorrow?" "I have a mathematics test. Wait no that was moved to Friday." "You really are a hopeless romantic, you know that? Tomorrow is Valentine’s day!" "Oh, the day where everyone is dressed in pink, red or white. They're either walking
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Chapter 7: The Kiss
During class, Frey and some of her friends had spoken to me for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, I lay on my arms dreading for the bell to ring. The guy next to me was no help because he had his head stuck in a book.  I looked around the classroom, but no one was paying any attention to me. I couldn't stop thinking about that message  "Class listen up quick." Mr Hunt requested, "We have a new member to our class." A well-built coloured guy with a strong jawline, curly brown hair and deep amber eyes walked into the classroom. Taine Mecer.  -  It was the third day at my new school, Encore High when the prefects arranged a social for the entire eighth grade that night. Now a social was where we got to meet new people, socialize and do stupid things for the prefects to laugh at.  Rocksyn and I were slowly becoming friends and we dared e
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Chapter 8: Volcanoes
My dream started off at Encore High. The bell had just rung for break so Rocksyn and I headed off to the cafeteria (as usual).  We had just sat down when Sebastian and Taine called my name, pushing each other while trying to walk over to me.  “What’s going on with you two?” I demanded as I ran over to them.  Taine- “He isn’t what you think he is and he is a stalker for crying out loud!”  Sebastian- “He fucks every girl he sees!”  Taine- “I do not!”  Sebastian- “I can prove it to her and you can’t.”  Taine then punches Sebastian and they start physically fighting.  “Stop it both of you!” I bellow and try to break up the fight. As I try to step between them Sebastian punches the side of
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Chapter 9: The Orphanage
"Sebastian do you want to play twenty questions?" I asked as I went to sit next to him. "What is that?" He asked lowering the volume of the TV. "We just ask each other questions basically." I replied." "What type of questions?" I mentally did a face-palm. "Serious, random or even dirty." "Oh. Do I have to answer all the questions?" "No, not if you don't want to," I replied, he was always so secretive. "Okay sure." "Let me start with an easy question, hmmm Did you play any sports in high school?" "Yes, I played first-team squash and rugby, but my best friend Mark and I broke the rules, we joined every other sport practise we could sneak into. So, I basically know how to play all sports." "What do you mean by you broke the rules?" "Well,
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Chapter 10: Remembering the past
Taine and I walked up an old staircase to the attic and he warned me of the broken planks I nearly stepped on. “Sorry, it’s a bit dusty up here.” He said full of sympathy as he dusted off one of the boxes. “A bit?” I laughed as I took in my surroundings. The attic had a small window which light shone through and landed on a pile of old photo frames. I picked one up and saw a black and white photo of the Orphanage in 1994 which made it 23 years old. I recognized a younger version of Anne holding a young boy and my aunt in the photograph.  “Is that your brother?” I asked as Taine stood behind me. “Yes, he was 2 then and would have been 25 this year. My mom was 19 then.” He replied and picked up another photograph. “This was taken before the accident.” The boy was an older more mature version of Taine, but he had
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