One In A Million

One In A Million

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In the year 2020, the world faced Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, and took several years to slowly recover from its immense effect. Thirty years after, another virus rose and affected the world's population in just a few weeks. The health workers couldn't determine what exactly the virus is, its type, and the way it is being passed from person to person despite the advanced and improved technology. Because of this and the sudden virus outbreak, the World Health Organization assigned Richforte Medical Team for a research mission for the virus and find a cure for it as soon as possible. Would they be able to accomplish this mission if, in the next few hours, the world would have what they called Zombie Apocalypse?

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45 chapters
November 30, 2050 - Richforte Memorial Hospital, Philadelphia, United States  Noise. Mess. Crowd.  The cries of pain intensified and if a regular person is standing where I am right now, that person would probably wish to be deaf. The sound coming from the patients are depressing, so is the sight.  People wearing all white as if they are astronauts, patients crying and screaming in pain while trying to break free from their restraints and the never-ending chaos. I've been witnessing this scene for the past few days, yet I am still not used to it, and I think I will never be.  Currently, the whole world is facing another catastrophe that started a few weeks ago. A new virus rose, and it was so sudden, we weren't prepared that in just a short time, it affected half of the world's population. Now, we are having a hard time with the situation.  Although they managed to
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  We are in a hurry as the elevator doors ping open, but no matter how in hurry we are, the sanitizing area is agonizingly slow. Once we're done with the sanitizing, we peel off our personal protective gears and rush to the double doors of the board room.  Opening it, my hurt thumps as I know that the attention of the people inside will be turned to us, and I was right. All heads turn in our direction when I open the door wide enough for me and Georgina. Their strict eyes make me want to turn around and just go back to my office, but Georgina pushes me inside and pulls me on the two vacant seats on the side.  I've been in the board room a couple of times, and it looks just the same as the last time I was here. There is a big screen in front, and the podium where chairman Richforte stands, broad and all authority, and the elevated high-tech steel circular tables that can accommodate up to one hundred and fifty people.<
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  "Seriously? He wants you to be his assistant to the mission?"  I nodded, and she leaps out of her seat.  "Oh my god, Rosie! You're so lucky!"  And so her blabbering about me and Sean begins. As she talks non-stop, I stare at the wristwatch Sean gave me. It really looks stylish. Of course, this one never escapes Georgina's inquisition, and I have to make up a story just to satisfy her. She knows I'm not wearing this wristwatch before I come to Sean's office.  I smile. First name basis for him is not that bad. His name sounds good.  Georgina is still talking non-stop when I stood up and tell her I am going to sleep. Since the virus outbreak starts, all the doctors could not go home for we could not risk our families. Even if we don't want to, we don't have a choice but to stay in the hospital. The hospital provided enough beds for the health workers in the Medi
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  I can't help but blush when we entered the board room and everyone inside looks in our direction. Some of them shared a knowing look, some smiled knowingly, and those young doctors who have a crush on the chairman raise their brows.  Sean walks to the platform in the middle of the room and I follow, as per his instruction on our way here. I'll be in charge of the announcement of the list. Everything is ready, as always with the help of our high-tech and advanced equipments.  Everything is in voice command and with just a word, data will flash virtually in front of everyone. Unlike before when in voice command is still not yet available for everyone, they use projectors for their presentation and to project info. They also use folders and papers to distribute copies, now, those things could be done either through virtual computers or through their IPads.  Over the years, Science and technology have been i
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  Sean is in a hurry as he locks the door and puts things behind it so that it won't be opened immediately even after they manage to unlock it. With great force, he pulled the set of sofa in the middle of the room and put them on the back of the door before he pulls me again.  I am out of my mind as he pulls me to the adjacent room, and once we're inside he locks the door too and faces me. Putting his both hand on my face like he's securing it and checking up on me, he asks if I'm okay. But instead of giving him an answer as to if I am okay or not, I ask,  "Did I see it right or my eyes was just tricking me? Are they zombies?"  He takes a deep breath before saying, "Listen, Rosella. I receive a call from Captain Welton, informing me that the medical team, the participants in the mission will have an emergency flight to Australia. There is a sudden zombie outbreak in Asia where the UVirus was first detected
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  Gone.  They are gone.  While the participants were on their way to the airport through the armored car, they were attacked by a group of zombies. The soldiers with them had no choice but to use their guns and shoot each one who tries to get their way, but even so, they did not manage to completely protect the doctors. They were outnumbered by the zombies, and some doctors helped with all they can to protect themselves and their co-doctors, resulting in losing their own lives in the process.  Most of them were eaten alive by the zombies. Whenever there is a doctor who was thrown out of the car because of the zombies, the zombies' attention will be averted to the doctor. And that is mainly the reason why they got rid of them.  "So in short, they sacrificed," I murmur.  "Somehow." Sean replies who's now sitting beside me, also shock by the news.Read more
December 1, 2050 - Colleti Research & Experimental Facility, Wolfe Creek Crater Western Australia  I think my mind is going to explode any minute from now. The news of the zombie outbreak is shaking my whole system, and finding out that the crowd I saw on the ground are actually zombies did not help either.  Until we reach our destination, I am as mute as an isolated room in the middle of a desert. Sean guides me to climb down the helicopter and in an instant, the idea of zombies was averted from my mind when I see where we are.  It is not just me but all of us are roaming our gazes around. We are in the middle of nowhere, with rocks and trees surrounding us, mostly large Acacias and Eucalyptus, and some giant rocks. Other than that, there is nothing in here, not even the slightest clue that there is a facility in here.  Then I remember that Wolfe Creek Crater is one of the most isola
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December 2, 2050 - CREF, Wolfe Creek Crater, Western Australia  The food that was served to us last night for dinner was satisfying, and today, our breakfast is also a satisfying one and will surely give us enough energy for our first day on a mission.  Our room is just spacious enough to accommodate Sean and me, and because he unexpectedly announces that I will be sleeping with him, of course, there is only one bed in the room. Nowadays, liberty is really a normal thing and is not something big deal, so of course, both of us did not mind sleeping in one bed and note that I am not wearing a bra whenever I sleep.  Currently, we are unloading things in our duffle bag and stuffing them in the closet which of course, is also one and we will use it together. The closet despite being small is enough for our clothes since we did not bring many, just a few. The room is complete with everything that we need too, like a hote
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December 6-7, 2050 - CREF, Wolfe Creek Crater, Western Australia  After spending our first day studying the data that was sent to us through our email, we started in our mission the next day after that. Although I have read the file over and over again the other day, it still does not make sense at all, and I am not the only one who has that kind of interpretation in the file.  So even with the file, we still start from zero, from the basic. The first part of our research is to review the processes they did about the UVirus, and we will use that as our reference. We will find what went wrong, if they did not make it right that's why they failed to get anything about it. But after two days of thorough reviewing and pointing out things, we found out that they did nothing wrong. The steps are right, the equipments they use are right. So on our third day, we started to do it on our own.  We did not make the process
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  "Besides Rosella, I've heard you say the F word for the second time now. And I swear, if I hear you say that again, I'll kiss the daylight out of you. And I will make sure you will stop fussing about the rumors."  I stop breathing and gulped several times, and then his lips quirk up and formed into a sexy smirk, leaving me breathless even more. When he leaned back, I step back and drag air in my lungs, while he has this triumphant smile on his lips. He sits on the edge of the bed and stares at me, legs and arms crossed.  "You know what, we can do something so that you won't think about the rumors anymore. It adds on the things you need to think about."  "And what do you suggest that we do?" I retort, now able to breathe properly.  "Let's make it real."  And again, my lungs stop working as I hear him say those words.  "Come again?"Read more Protection Status