Elaina The Warrior

Elaina The Warrior

By:  Eliza Selmer  Completed
Language: English
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As a child, Elaina Mason lost her parents to the darkness. Orphaned, the girl was taken in by the brethren, raised to be one of their elite. Now at twenty-two, Elaina is no longer that same, weak child who could only watch as everything she loved went up in flame and ash. She comes forth with the help of her comrades to protect what she now holds dear and wreaks vengeance and havoc against the dark days ahead.

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    Chapter One
    Fire Rages and brimstone falls, With darkened days, chaos rules all. The dark king rises, painting the heavens red, Men and women bow, loyalty will be pledged.      -Elder Aurj Fire, that was the only thing the little girl was comprehending as she looked straight ahead.  Flames licking all around the house in which she had lived.  Smoke plumed into the air, the flames reflecting on them giving the scene a hellish glow.   It didn’t make sense to the little girl, the house shouldn’t be on fire, it should only be lit by lamp glow, the same lamps that her mother read underneath and her father sharpened his blades in.   Around the little girl people screamed for help, telling someone or another to call the fire department.    They’re too late, the little girl thought numbly.   Nothing would be left of the house by the t
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    Chapter Two
    Elaina awoke the next morning feeling the battle from the night before.Inching slowly out of bed her body screamed at her insisting that she just stay put, which she wanted to do, but knew that she couldn’t.  Ignoring the protests she took a quick shower and changed into jeans and t-shirt then hurried downstairs following the smell of coffee wafting through the living room from the kitchen, beckoning her forward.“Morning.” Charise called not turning around from the smoothie she was throwing together.  “I made you some coffee.”Grateful Elaina helped herself to a cup and sat at the table.  As usual Charise was already dressed for work sporting black pants, a simple white shirt, and red apron.  Her unruly brown hair piled atop her head.  Charise worked as a barista at a local coffee bar on the strip, even though she didn’t need the money she insisted it made her feel a little mo
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    Chapter Three
    Charise and Elaina arrived at the institute just as the sun began to set, people they didn’t recognize were milling around idly speaking quietly amongst themselves.  Elaina looked down at her feet and cursed herself for asking Charise about borrowing a pair of shoes.  Charise of course had shoes that she could borrow, but she hadn’t bothered to think about the comfort of the wearer.  Being a woman Elaina should have been used to wearing heels, but being a warrior she stuck to wearing comfortable shoes, and now Charise had her in heels and her feet were screaming at her.“You look great, did I mention that?” Charise asked smiling from ear to ear.  “I should really be a fashion consultant.”Elaina glared, “You should really be trained to torture people actually.”Charise of course was much too excited to get mad about Elaina’s little hit at her.Instead she twirled and grabbed
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    Chapter Four
    All around the crowd black creatures erupted from the bushes, their red eyes blazing as everyone ran to take cover.Elaina watched as so called warriors scrambled around her.  Kicking her shoes off she faced the closest beast head on.  It shrieked in her face spewing sulfurous gas that made her gag momentarily.  A ripping sensation spread up her arm, but she didn’t care.  Lifting her dagger she swiped the beast across the chest sending it lurching backwards.  It let out a terrible cry as two more of its friends came to join it.  Elaina squared off ready to take on the next creature that came her way.  A shriek sounded from behind her. Turning quickly she dodged the beast coming towards her.  To her left Charise had a sword ready and was heading her way.  Thankful for her friend Elaina attacked the closest beast, slicing its neck open.  It let out a yell before crumb
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    Chapter Five
    The next week passed in a blur of meetings and training.  The monks still refused to let any of the warriors leave, insisting over and over again that they were all safer together.  Elaina began to get to know her fellow warriors from the North, deciding it was better to understand them than completely avoid them altogether. Although, there was one warrior she did avoid, Chase.He had tried to talk to her the first day that training began, but Elaina had insisted that she had somewhere else to be and bolted out the door.  She hadn’t seen much of Charise either, the monks had made the other girl sleep in a separate room from her.  The way the monks saw it the less ties any of them had to one another the easier it would be for them to fight when the time came.  It wasn’t that they were being nasty, it was just the better choice for everyone, if you held attachments in battle you could easily end up killed by trying to help yo
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    Chapter Six
    “Wake up.”The harsh voice shook Elaina from her sleep, lamely she fumbled around for the lamp on her nightstand.  Once she found it she flinched from the harsh glow.Charise stood beside her looking very serious her hands on her hips.“What are you doing here?” Elaina mumbled checking her clock for the time. “At, may I add, the time normal people sleep.”“I was woken up by Chase who insisted that I needed to come talk to you immediately.” Charise said now yawning.Elaina took in her pink pajamas and wild hair.  Dark circles still under her eyes, it was obvious that she hadn’t woken up too long ago.“He’s standing out in the hall isn’t he?” Elaina asked instead.  “Chase!” She called loudly, “Come on in, you might as well tell us both why in the world you think we should talk.”Her door opened and Chase stepped in wearin
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    Chapter Seven
    The next morning came in a crash, literally, outside the sky was a nasty greyish purple, rain slammed like pebbles against Elaina’s bedroom window.  After a summer of almost near perfect weather the first storm of fall had finally arrived.  Elaina shivered listening to the sound of wind ripping against the temple.  Beside her Charise continued to sleep soundly, one thing she was good for was sleeping through almost anything.  Sitting up Elaina shoved her friend.  Charise cursed and tried to bury herself in Elaina’s white comforter, with a yank Elaina took it away.  Charise growled and turned over glaring.“If there isn’t a fire I am going to destroy you.”“Haven’t I already told you that if something were ever on fire I was going to let you fend for yourself?” Elaina asked cheerfully.  “You know the saying every man for himself.”Charise continued to gl
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    Chapter Eight
    Elaina spent most of the morning in the gym practicing fighting technique. Slowly she practiced maneuvers imagining her opponent countering them and then thinking of something completely different.   Pulling a dagger from her boot she swiped it through the air stepping from one side to the other. Only stopping long enough to debate the right place to plant it to destroy her attacker.  With a graceful leap she pictured it disappearing into a chest, piercing the heart hidden below it. “Seems that imaginary friend of yours is dead.” A voice said behind her. Elaina turned to face Chase, “Too bad, I was imagining it was you.”  She gave a sweet smile putting her dagger back in its holder.  “I have to say you weren’t much of a challenge.” “I guess my imaginary self is lazy, I can assure you it would take a lot more than that to even knock me down.” Chase flashed a brilliant smile, Elaina watched as he shrugged off his jacket. &nbs
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    Chapter Nine
    Two days passed without incident and without any word from Brother Isaac about the elders possibly agreeing to have an audience with Elaina.  With her leg still hurting she was unable to train the way she had wanted to, and she refused to attempt meditating.Instead she stayed locked in her room watching the storm raging outside.  It had rained for three days straight and didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop.The lush green grass outside turned to nothing more than puddles of standing water.  The sky above still held an angry black glow as the walls of the temple shook with every clash of thunder.  One of the brothers had been bringing Elaina her meals since she had refused to leave her room not wanting to see anyone, afraid that word had already gotten around the temple about her being attacked a second time.  Again the thought of running away crossed her mind, but she squashed it remembering the look of ang
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    Chapter Ten
    For two days after having her leg worked on Elaina was stuck in bed.  She spent the time reading through The Book of White, which Brother Isaac had happily lent her.  Try as she might, she couldn’t find anything remotely relevant to anything that was going on around the sanctuary.When she wasn’t reading, she was spending time with Charise who had been bringing her, her meals.  On the third day Elaina had begun to grow bored and decided it was time to get up and moving again.Testing her leg gingerly she got out of bed and headed towards the library.  She knew she had to find something that could help her better understand what the beginning of the end really meant since the book of white didn’t further explain.  It felt like needles stabbed her leg as she walked farther, but she pushed the pain aside.  By the time she reached the library she could feel small trickles of blood dripping down
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