By:  Pesi-Oweifabo Stephanie Preye  Completed
Language: English
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Daniella has tried to be normal all her life even if she wasn't born normal. She's from a place completely different entirely. Going to a new school changes her normal routine and she's going to have to sit up to tackle something strange and familiar at the same time.

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20 Chapters
The world is a really funny place. Not everybody knows what is. There were humans and there were others who were not so human. It’s kind of confusing, but there are things beyond human reasoning. There is a whole world out there that no one knows exist.It all hangs in a balance like good and evil, light and dark and then there’s human and supernatural. This is the story.A young girl paced round her room. She was set for school, but she was nervous. It was a new school and who wouldn’t be nervous. You see she wasn’t like others. She wasn’t what one would call human. No she wasn’t a superhero. All those comics were just a serious rip-off. They were so silly. Did they know those things were real?Anyway why she was nervous. She was going to a new school when she had just accepted her old school. There she just blended in with the crowd and was never noticed. Now she was going to a new school, a prestigious one where eyes will always
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Like Clara had told her, she came to school very early and students hadn’t arrived yet. She followed her energy to the roof. When she got there Clara was on the ledge.“What are you doing?” Daniella asked making her way towards her.“Waiting for you” she replied.Clara turned around and she faced Danny. “Get ready” she said.“Wait a minute. What are we doing?” she asked.“Combat training” she replied removing her blazer.Danny dropped her things. “Alright, but aren’t you going to take-“Her words died down and she could see everything going back. She gasped when she hit the door. Clara dropped her leg.“You’re a mind reader, yet you couldn’t see my attack. A human could beat you” she stated.Danny slid down the door clutching her middle. “I think you broke something” she whispered.“It’ll heal quickly. Y
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What happened to Clara?
Something was weird and Danny knew it. She called and sent multiple texts the previous night, but she didn’t return any. And now she was nowhere to be seen. Clara is a cat and cats loved the sun so she should be asleep somewhere. Hopefully in her spot in the woods.She’d have loved to go now, but class had already begun and she didn’t want to ruin her attendance. But someone wouldn’t stop bothering her.“What is it Adrien?” she asked dropping her pen.“I didn’t say anything” he replied giving her a shocked look.‘I really need to learn to control this’ she thought. “I can feel you boring holes through my skull” she whispered. “What is it?” she asked again.“Where’s your girlfriend?” he asked.“She’s not my girlfriend” she replied and he actually laughed.“Yeah, but where is she? She has never missed school. Not even af
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A continuing distraction
The next day, Danny was early for school. Ronnie said she had the day planned for both of them. Whatever that meant. She made her way to the roof and Ronnie was there.“Good morning!” she yelled.“You sure are excited” Danny said with a smile.“Why wouldn’t I be? I got the whole day planned for us. You ready?” she asked.“Ready for what exactly?” Danny asked confused.“The mall” she replied.“What?” she asked.“Don’t you know what the mall is?” she asked amused.“I do” she replied. “But you mean right now?” “Yes” she replied shaking her head.“We can’t! We have school”. How could Ronnie say that? Miss school? No way and she was baffled that she would suggest something like that.“Don’t be such a goody two shoes. Live a little and have some fun” she said.
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A small change
Turns out a lot could happen. Thanks to her powers and also her parents’ memories she came home late last night drunk. Late and drunk. To be frank she was surprised that she was alive. Those were two of their rules and she had broken both in one day.Now she was at the table trying to eat her breakfast, but was failing. Her head was on fire and she couldn’t find the off switch to her powers. She could hear everyone’s thoughts. Her driver on the safest route to use, her maid on what cleaning products to use for the floor and both her parents judging her.“You know I can hear you right?” she asked still resting her head against the table.“Then you’d know that what you did was wrong” her father replied his face still in the paper.“I’m still waiting for your apology” her mother said dropping her cup harshly on the table. She wasn’t surprised when the cup broke.“Calm down Elizabeth&r
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The mask comes off
Now it was a normal thing. Skipping school was part of her routine. She was surprised that her principal hadn’t called her parents that she wasn’t attending school. That woman didn’t care at all.She had also undergone a complete transformation. Her hair was more purple than brown and she had finally gotten piercings like her mother had predicted. She hadn’t gotten the tattoos though. What did having to prove herself mean? Well that didn’t matter because she seemed to be proving herself real good.Everyone knew her name and she liked it. She was popular and as Ronnie liked to say cool and badass. The teachers were scared of her and they always marked her present. She had fans and no one was able to stand against her. She hadn’t seen Stephanie after the tomato sauce incident.She was in class not really caring. Her feet was up on her table and she was texting. She had gotten popular and a lot of people had asked for her number. It wa
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New additions
Daniella looked up at the dark sky. They had been flying for a long time and she didn’t know where they were going. She was scared. Her parents must be looking for her and an evil girl was after them. What was a supernatural to do?She stiffened in his arms.“Kie-“. She wasn’t able to finish that though.She could already see Veronica on her own bird made of black smoke. There was really nothing she wasn’t going to see today.Kieran looked over his shoulder and she squealed when Kieran spat out fire at her. It was a lot of fire and it was so hot, literally.There was no way she was going to survive that rain of fire.She stiffened when she felt that rise in energy and she came out of the flames still on her bird her skin untouched.She wagged her finger and pointed up. Both eyes went up and she could see that tonight was going to be a full moon.She looked down at her bird and it looked like the bird was going to
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The end?
A short time had passed, but they were done recovering. The reaction Daniella had to seeing her friend alive was still fresh in their minds.Clara had a lot of catching up to do and she was eager to hear the stories. Some were really interesting others weren’t, but she was really happy to have her friend back.And as a bonus after meeting Danny’s parents and explaining, everything that happened she was allowed to stay on earth.Veronica actually did something good though. The popularity Danny had now didn’t go away and the makeover she had really looked good on her.Now they were on the roof eating lunch.“So” Danny began. “Kieran really cares for you”.Clara swallowed and fixed a flat stare on her face.“Honest. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t have taken you to his house, he gave you his bed and he resuscitated you every day. He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t care”.“He doesn’t care Daniella”.“How can you say that Clarissa?” Danny asked still thinking they
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A past enemy
There was just chaos everywhere.A dark ominous cloud just took its place in the sky and glowed green inside. It was downright terrifying. Green lightning struck in the midst of the clouds and chains came down hitting the sea of people below.         Amongst those people Stephanie flew towards the person who seemed to be the person responsible.She was bloody just like everyone else on the battlefield.“Do it now!” Stephanie yelled.Eyes turned to Danny who just stood there looking, not moving. Not doing anything and Stephanie was tossed back like she wasn’t a supernatural.The woman who caused all the destruction turned to Danny and smiled like a cat.It was Clara in all black and a very weird crown.She moved a hand and everything went dark. Elizabeth woke up with a gasp and went into a coughing fit.Her husband opened his eyes and placed a hand on her shoulder which had her at peace.“What happened?” he asked.“I
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Blinding lights
“Father” Stephanie said with a bow.“You’re late” her sister said.Stephanie just focused her attention on her father.“Yes. Looks like there has been a change of plans”.“What happened?” she asked.“It seems you will be accompanying me to the summit this time” he said slowly.Stephanie’s head shot up.“That…”“You all will” he said.That went downhill fast.“It’ll be a good idea teaching the ice children simple diplomacy”.“Wonderful news father. When do we leave?” she asked.“Soon” and he made a gesture with his hand that he was done with all of them.The three siblings made their way out of the throne room.“Thanks” Stephanie murmured.“What was that?” Sapphire asked.“You’re not going to hear it again so don’t bother” she said already marching down the hall.Sapphire just smiled and looked at her brother who just smiled back. “So you’re going to be in Tempa tomorrow?” Kieran asked the hologram on his wrist.“Yes” Step
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