By:  Mayu Kitamura  Ongoing
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It is believed that those children born on every 31st night had been blessed with a special ability that could save the world. But in every century, there will be a child of prophecy that will be born with power over the dead; the one that will destroy the world. They are called the necromancer; the Lord of the Shadows and the Conqueror of the Dead. Out of fear, just after they were born, they have been hunted and killed. But then, one Necromancer has been spared. Upon mastering how to control her power before the Night of the Conqueror, she met an Archer. Will she be able to trust the Archer even though all of the people around her just wanted her to be killed?

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7 chapters
"KILL her!" "Murderer!" The twelve year old Saiya closed her eyes as the light of the sun burned in her eyes after her blindfold was removed. It was the first time in the whole month she was imprisoned that the light touched her and it warmed her. And yet, it didn't last long because the coldness of her loneliness defeated that warmth as cursing words keeps on being thrown at her.  When she was pushed down on the ground by the priest that serves the kingdom, all she could hear are the angry voices of the people around her and their hatred towards her that cuts deep in her soul. But what hurts her the most is the truth behind those words and her hatred towards herself because all the charges placed on her head are true. "Oh! People of the Great Horalian Kingdom! I am here in front of you to pass judgment on this murderous child in place of our King. Aside from hiding the truth about her being a necromancer, she also killed her pare
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FIVE YEARS LATER   AS the dawn breaks, Saiya at her 17th year, dashed through the bush, slid down on the edge of the hill then climbed on the tree that serves to be her ladder in and out of the Chaaya Village where the whole Kardama Tribe lives.   Slowly and quietly, she sneaked into the chieftain's house through the window of her room and took off her cloak. She placed it under her bed before she slid inside her blanket and closed her eyes.   She has to be there before the sun comes up or else, she will be bombarded by the chieftain's unending talk about how every child of the tribe practiced discipline to be a notable warrior of their tribe. And yet, the prophecied child is like a tomboy who does not know the meaning of discipline.   Grinning, she closed her eyes, and not long after, she fell asleep. A few moments later, she woke up again in the dark room where the only light is from the candles on
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CHAAYA Village, where the Kardama Tribe lives, is an islet separated from the Horalian Kingdom. It is the only island that accepts those who are exiled by their tribes because of being an ungifted person; a person who does not have any abilities or powers that normal Horalians must possess.   But, despite it being a small island, the First Generation of the Kardamas made it a place where everyone is accepted and loved. They were a tribe that turned into a big family that welcomes every exiled people as their own.   And Saiya is not an exemption.   Despite the rumors that surrounds her, she did not feel any remorse or hate from the tribe from the day she woke up five years ago until today. Each of them treated her like a family, loved her as their own, and protected her.    Yes, she can summon a shadow but she cannot bring back a dead person. Thus, her being a necromancer is not possible and ever
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HUFFING, Saiya turned back and puts her arms on her waist. From where she is standing, catching her breath, she can see the small lights coming from the village a few kilometers away.   Yes. As soon as the clock struck two in the morning, she decided to leave the village. It was really hard for her but she needs to leave for the sake of the people she has learned to love; for Erie whom she didn't expect to love her back.   Until that very moment, she still could not believe what just happened between her and Erie a few hours ago. She had given herself to him without hesitation and she doesn't feel any regret by doing so. What makes her feel sad, though, is the thought that Erie will wake up on her bed alone.   She even remembered his sleeping face when she woke up earlier. It feels so natural for her to wake up beside him.   Saiya heaved a sigh to stop herself from thinking of going back and started
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AS the moonlight shines on his window, Kane Fiore, one of the three well-known Archers of the Maelie Kingdom, can't help but wonder where on earth will the Light Oracles go. He just saw them fly over his town towards the south. And there is only one village left on the south; the Chaaya Village where the ungifted gather and form a tribe.   As far as he knows, there had been no announcement of any raid or even an emergency signal where all eleven Light Oracles are needed. There only had been one and the bells rang that time to commence the raid; when the Akashia Village was annihilated. And yet, tonight, all eleven oracles are heading in the same way.   "Could it be that they have finally found the Lord of Shadows? Chaaya Village would be a good place to hide," He whispered to himself.   Kane was about to stand up but pulled to a stop when an arm reached for him and pulled him back to bed. The moment he sat down once agai
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WE will serve you until the Night of the Conqueror comes."   Saiya remembered Variche's words before she turned her into a Shadow Soldier right after she died in their battle against the Light Oracles. Sitting on top of a large rock, she stared at the Maelie Castle's silhouette, filled with hatred as the last words of the Kardama Tribe's Chieftain echoed in her mind.   Everything that happened before her eyes when she was returned by Azul in the realms of humans was so clear to her like it just happened yesterday even though it happened six months ago.bAnd she will never forget the cruelty of the Maelie Kingdom to their tribe.   It was because of her that the village was attacked but she will never forget the words that she heard from one of the Light Oracles who approached her after the remaining people that surrounded her were killed protecting her.   "Don't hesitate to kill her. Remember his highn
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SAIYA knows that she was being followed since she left the forest, and she also knows who was following her. But instead of calling his attention, she decided to let him follow her until she gets past the village's gate because she doesn't want to cause a scene anymore like what happened in the last village she came from wherein Greyn just appeared in the middle of the crowded plaza.   She might have pretended to be a magician that time, and other people might have believed her, but some people thought of her as the Lord of Shadows and reported her to the nearest Oracle Knights.   She had managed to escape because she cut off her wavy long hair and took off her cloak but that only made her feel worse. After all, she had been taking care of her hair ever since she knew that Erie likes it as well as Azul.   If ever she got caught again this time, she can't think of anything to deceive her enemies anymore.  Read more Protection Status