My Brother From Another Universe

My Brother From Another Universe

By:  Rose Jhay  Ongoing
Language: English
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Avan Allen is a teenage inventor who creates a one of a kind invention that can transport people and objects from one universe to the other. Elated by how well it works, he's certain he'll win the prestigious annual teen inventing contest but accidentally brings a teenage boy called Travis from a parallel universe to his universe. When his invention gets mysteriously stolen, he and Travis, with the reluctant help of his twin sister, Aimee, must find it before the contest and in order to take Travis back to his universe. Will they be able to find the invention in time for the award?

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5 chapters
Parallel Universes
I'm so excited to try out my latest invention which I've just finished working on and modifying. I've been working on it for the past eight months and now it's finally done, I can't wait to test run it and see how well it works. No one thinks I can pull this off, not even my parents and especially not my sister, Aimee. She's just twelve minutes older than me but acts like she's twelve years older than me. They all think I'm wasting my time but I'm gonna show them, I'm gonna show them all.  "You still on this shit?" Aimee asks as she comes into my room. Here we go.  "She's a full grown invention now, so address her with some respect okay," I say, raising my voice a little. Just a little. How dare she call my invention a 'shit'.  "Why don't you just give it a break? You've been on that thing for months." "Did Thomas Edison give it a break when he invented the first light bulb after so ma
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Parallel High School
I wake up and find that Travis has got out of bed. I check the time and it's quarter to six. Where could he have gone so early in the morning? I go into the bathroom to take my bath and find Travis brushing his teeth toothbrush. "Good morning friend," He greets when he sees me in the mirror. "Isn't that my toothbrush?" I ask. "Yes. I found out it's electric; you don't have to do the work, all you have to do is move your hand. That's genius! I've never seen anything like it." He smiles, revealing his nice teeth and tongue, before rinsing his mouth. "Yeah," I say sarcastically. Guess I'll have to use another toothbrush. "Today is a school day so you have to hurry so I can have my bath," I tell him. I show him how to use the bath and shower so he doesn't burn himself with hot water and also how to use the water closet. We get ready for school and go downstairs to have breakfast before mom starts sin
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Rats & Crackers
The lab is free when I get there so I introduce our fairly fun chemistry teacher, Mr. Trainor, and Travis to one another and explain to him how Travis got here. After Mr. Trainor is done hugging, congratulating and praising me, I help arrange the lab and put all the stray equipment in their rightful places— one of the reasons Mr. Trainor loves having me around, asides from the fact that he needs someone to talk to since he doesn't have any friends his age and lives with his problematic mother and pet, Billy the fat rat, whom he takes everywhere with him, even work. This is why he encourages me to stop by whenever I have a free period so he can feed me wisdom nuggets while watching me do his job of putting the lab in order. I wave hi to Billy who is casually munching on a cracker. It's against the rules to bring pets to work, but somehow Mr. Trainor gets away with it. Despite being socially apathetic, the man is an amazing teacher, a caring pet owner and ha
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Technical Difficulties
When we get home, we are met with Aimee and Chris making out on the porch. They break off when they see us and Chris greets mom awkwardly."Hi Mrs. Allen.""Hi Chris," mom replies."Um, he was just about leaving," Aimee says and takes Chris by the hand but he gently stops her.“Actually, I was hoping I could spend the rest of the afternoon and stay for dinner,” Chris says.“Of course you can.” Mom smiles as she opens the front door and we follow her in. I forgot to mention that my parents love Chris.“Where’s Mr. Allen?” Chris asks as he settles on the sofa, Aimee standing behind him.“He’s out inspecting some houses for a potential buyer, he might be a while,” mom replies as she downs a bottle of water. My parents are real estate agents and run their 'Home Sweet Home' Housing Agency together. Mom also does interior decorating, something she'd been doing since her college days.“I wanted to play some chess with him, I’m sure he would love a rematch.”“No kidding.” Aimee laughs.“So Av
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Party Invite
As soon as Travis and I enter the school building, it seems as if a celebrity walked in. Everyone turns to stare at us and some even start whispering to one another. I have never felt so self-conscious my entire life. Is this what it feels like to have the spotlight on you?Some girls passing by giggle and wink at Travis and I'm certain he was the one that caught everyone's attention earlier. It's easy to become popular in this school when you're that hot, though I'm pretty sure Travis' personality makes up for his sudden popularity as well. I'm not saying I'm not good looking or that I'm boring, it's just that the super hot, chiseled appearance is more favored than plain good looks and the people prefer someone that is extra to someone that is ordinary, so...Travis stays closely to my side as we make our way to our lockers- his is just two lockers away from mine. I spot Chris walking towards us sporting what I believe is a smile. How nice of him to stop by. Note the sarcasm."Avan,
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