The Vampire Kings And Their Little Mate

The Vampire Kings And Their Little Mate

By:  Liz Barnet  Ongoing
Language: English
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A long river split the city of Hillwood into two, separating the Palace and royal blood from the ordinary and the Vampires from the Humans. The consecutive agreement made by the Vampire kings was what Black Vale Dynasty has gone by; They were the ones for any decision to be taken. Respected, obeyed, and feared, all three of them were the most powerful predators on the planet but there was a thing to mention--They were great rulers too. Jasmine Doloris, residing on the side of the city of Hillwood between human civilization didn't know anything about her identity and the deep secrets of her past that she was restrained away from, raised by a kind woman who under the pressure of a promise lied to her that Jasmine was found by her years ago on the Riverside, Her life that was mostly surrounded by lies and delusions she was unaware of, didn't have anything more than simplicity. But everything started taking a drastic turn when she took the job in the Kings' palace as their maid and their attention fell on her. Soon, The most unimaginable happens--On the night of the full moon, she turned out to be their Mate and this put everything into a mess of questions. Sinfully attractive, irresistible and dangerous in nature, unbeatable in battles--The Vampire Kings had it all a woman could desire and Jasmine was the complete opposite of what the kings were. Join Jasmine's story to find out how she deals with the storms, a roller coaster of emotions, and finally, her destiny whilst her life unfolds as well as the reality of her identity. After all, Jasmine might not be a human at all and her past might not be what she had assumed .....

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    Chapter 1
    Jasmine.Blue, green and white--I laid the color on the portrait before I moved onto the shadows, the greyish shadows traveled down the woman's neck and blended into the collars. The smoothness of the colors was perfect as I'd wanted. I grabbed another brush dipping it into the color and finished the last few strokes on the portrait when Martha's voice came in my ear stopping the movements of my paintbrush soaked in the color Burnt Umber.The happiness ringed inside me."Jasmine, sweetie..." I turned to look at the door and saw her holding a bag full of art supplies and another bag full of groceries, watching her arrival I excitedly ran toward her and engulfed her in a hug. "You came, thank you so much!" I rested my head on her shoulder, letting myself feel her warmth--I had seen her after a whole week, ever since she'd been working in the castle she couldn't afford to stay with me like when I was a kid; The castle only allowed the workers and others to meet their close ones once or
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    Chapter 2
    Jasmine"They aren't bad, right?" I asked for my own needed assurance, the nervousness pumping in and out of my veins made my movements slightly clumsy."Of course, they are not," Martha let out a small chuckle.A small sigh escaped past my lips and my back muscles relaxed from the stiff posture, we got down the boat taking my luggage and the side bag full of art supplies hung on my shoulder; I couldn't live without painting, it was as necessary as water for me.The rough surface underneath my laced boots felt bumpy, the smell of wind on this side of the city was different. My nostrils seemed to catch a few scents even I couldn't identify."Martha, Can you smell it?" I lightly nudged her arm while she was paying the bill to the boatman."Smell, what?" She questioned, looking confused."The scent the wind is carrying, it's different," I complied."Silly, girl," She lightly pinched my cheek causing me involuntarily let out a huff in Disturbance, "You've never been here, that's the reas
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    Chapter 3
    JasmineIt had been three days for working for them, and I'd come to a minimum conclusion. Lucien Theron Blackwood—The silent and rude one.Micheal Valerian Blackwood—The overly organized one Archer Stephanos Blackwood—The one who seemed a little normal.Besides their cold behavior, there was another thing worth mentioning--They smelt good, it wasn't as if I was sniffing them but they actually smelt very good. Like, Even if they are a few feet away from me I could smell their scent, each of them had their own habits and the one thing common was they didn't talk much. I had also adjusted myself to keeping the conversations in my head low so that they can't catch the frequency with their super hearing.I was trying to adjust, in short.Right now, I was uncomfortably tossing and turning on my bed due to the sun rays that were falling on my face. I was given a room for my stay, and it was better than my home, to be honest. Staying in the palace and working for them had turned into my on
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    Chapter 4
    Jasmine.I looked outside the window and found the sun setting deep under the clouds of the west, the orange hue it left in the progress soon disappeared. The calm nature of nature itself, protruding as the night advanced.I sat on the edge of the window, admiring the soft winds that caressed my face every once and then. Suddenly my eyes fell on a scene outside the window, my brows rose in surprise. Definitely, something I hadn't expected was to see the three brothers outside the palace.King Lucien rode the horse back into a pathway, whilst King Micheal and Archer leaned against the limo. Even though their backs were facing me, within these few days I had excellently learned to recognize them just by a simple instinct. Though it was weird I didn't really pay attention to my thoughts.It was a while before King Archer shifted to sideway and followed by him stood King Micheal, something about the faint shimmer in their skin caused my heart to skip a beat. I couldn't tear my eyes away f
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    Chapter 5
    Jasmine.As I had thought yesterday, right now I was staring at King Lucien sitting a few feet away with as always a file in his hand. There were occasions when the file would be replaced by a newspaper or a book and sometimes even a magazine but most of the time it would be any file or document or anything related to his work. Well, of course being powerful didn't give them the allowance to skip all of their duties as Kings in fact the only thing it had done was to increase it. But I had to admit, he looked so good even though all of his attention was on the task, he was writing down something or maybe something related to the blood collections. His hair lightly fell on his face and his eyes remained fixated on the paper, the sleeves of his white shirt were folded up to the middle of his hand whilst he bobbed his left leg up and down covered in the black ripped jeans.Damn it! Vampire males were a thousand percent more attractive than humans.Sighing I rested my head against the wal
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    Chapter 6
    Third person's P.O.V"How can you be so careless, Micheal?" Lucien yelled, "She could've suspect us,"Michaels brows knitted together as he stared at his brother, "Oh you better not start that shit," he spat, "How could I've known that my dear brother would be messing with our mate whilst we work hard to the information about her,""Talk quietly," Lucien spoke, his eyes sending a glare in Micheal's direction to which the middle triplet rose one of his eyebrows. Definitely, his elder brother's words were not affecting him. After all, the conversation was about the girl who has been giving them every single of the supposedly existing mate bond but in vampires' history, it wasn't possible for a human to turn out to be such a dangerous predator's mate. Especially when it was not one but three. But since the first day, the symptoms they were getting were pretty much indicating the truth they weren't aware of."And another thing I wasn't messing with her," Lucien cleared his throat," She w
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    Chapter 7
    Jasmine.The morning came quicker than I had expected, the sun peeked through the clouds and the rays managed to creep their way through the small gap of the curtain. The weather seemed colder than before, and the temperature was even lower than other days.Definitely, winter was closer. I removed the duvet off my body and stood up, the tiredness of my body seemed to vanish soon as I had taken a few steps. I completed my shower and brushed my teeth removing any trace of the unpleasant morning breath.As I was done drying my hair, a knock on the door was what interrupted the silence in my room. I reached for the door and opened it.A maid stood in front of the room."King Micheal has called you to his room," her eyes filled with jealousy for something I couldn't decipher."He needs his breakfast?" I questioned."No, The Kings have already taken their breakfast," She said."Then Why?" I questioned out of curiosity."I don't know, you should check that by yourself," With that curt reply
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    Chapter 8
    Jasmine.It was the night. Surrounded by cold and calming winds.The few days had gone in a blink, not that I found myself complaining about it. Although the palace was busy with the work for the festival. I was very familiar with this festival, it was kind of a vampire thing. The full moon festival held great importance in the vampire criteria.They were supposed to recognize their mates if they are around, although most of the vampires find their mate in the same clan or kingdom but sometimes for some vampires it turns out to be different.I didn't know why I was constantly thinking about why the kings hadn't found their mate yet. Since they were fraternal triplets they were probably going to have one mate.Lucky girl whoever it's going to be.Sighing I walked out of the room, it was very late at night but sleep was no way near me. Since King took the liberty to permit me to use the library whenever I wanted, I didn't hesitate to make up my mind to get a book for myself.Although pa
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    Chapter 9
    Jasmine.I meekly made my way towards their room. Today the place was filled with vampires and royals. Beautiful women were everywhere. The overly perfumed women were also there. It could be told without another thought that the festival was going to be huge.As told by King Archer, I was walking towards their room to help them get ready. It was kinda weird to consider that such grown-up men would need help but judging by the royal habits, they were probably used to not doing such little works on their own.The guard opened the door and let me in.I sensed the three vampires' presence instantly as I entered the room.I raised my head to look at them, their beautifully sculpted faces were already distracting. And not when they all looked freshly showered. King Micheal was the only one who looked a little tidy than the other two--His hair was dried and he was fixing his shirt. "Oh, so you are here," King Archer's voice broke my chain of thoughts."Yes, your Maje..." Before I could fini
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    Chapter 10
    Jasmine.The moon hadn't shown up yet, neither had the ceremony ended. Everything around me was hushed with silence and the distant view of what I could notice was the crowd of the festival, a crowd of vampires. I could even notice the human slaves who were put to work. Usually, there weren't any rules for keeping slaves but the humans who sometimes take a loan from the vampires and fail to give it back get under the category of a slave. Those who violate the rules of the kingdom are also made slaves due to their deeds.I sighed and pulled the curtains to the window.I picked up my bucket of paintbrushes and paint and the Caves clipped to the board before I headed out of the room. The palace was nearly empty, many of the maids were busy greeting the vampires and serving them. So this side of the palace now seemed to have a most peaceful environment for my painting.A door led to a balcony from where the faint light was creeping through, I made my way towards the balcony. It faced the
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