Runaway General From His Love-Sucking Vampire

Runaway General From His Love-Sucking Vampire

By:  Anlhpermy93  Ongoing
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Leqaria Vanxie awakens in the future after getting killed and was forced to sleep to regenerate for one thousand years. As a vampire, living forever makes her want to do something interesting. She made a decision to pursue her previous aspiration—lead a prosperous life and have a partner with many children—since she had previously failed to do so. But nothing appears to be as simple as it was in the past. Her life becomes more complicated with the arrival of Vaans Arkriqel, a descendant of her Loyalist whom she didn't know existed for her. And his blood attracted her as much as a bee would for honey. She couldn't let him go, so Vaans could only retaliate with everything he had and become the first general who would run away from something he couldn't handle.

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15 Chapters
The first time Leqaria Vanxie awakens, she finds herself in an old building that has been turned into a national museum. She was locked inside a chamber. No one found out about it because the chamber was hidden deep below the building and had no path to enter. The chamber was dark and eerie until a mechanical voice sounded and stirred the silence. "The recovery process has reached 100%. Awakening is successful. " Leqaria was in a daze after opening her eyes, with a numb feeling around her body. It was only until a prick around her right wrist hurt her a bit that she was reminded that she was breathing again. Yet, she frowned at the smelly dust around her surroundings. A moment later, she recalled her past memories. "Ah… I died…" Her low and hoarse voice sounded dry. "Body function, normal. Body fluid, below 40%. Status, will be in hungry mode in thirty minutes." She moves her limbs. It still felt a little heavy. Soon, she felt her blood pumping around her whole body. She can fi
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“All salute!” Someone shouts loudly in front of a group of students. The students, young Changelings in blue military uniform, immediately bring their right palm up above their eyes and salute toward a tall man that just walked out of a small spaceship that came from a large battleship high in the sky. The man was wearing a full set of smooth, tailored mixed black and gold uniform with spiked shoulder patches draped on both sides. Under the spiked of his right shoulder, a ribbon laid under the medal-laden. Military boots wrapped around his long legs and now they were walking smoothly without sound. As for the man's appearance, he had black eyes that were so deep like an abyss and very cold, which made everyone who saw it feel they were trapped inside a dark place without exit. Only when he blinked, would they get released from it. However, no one knows his full appearance since below his eyes, a black mask with a unique pattern covers it all up to his neck. His short blond hair wa
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“I’m Leqaria. Glaios Base. Please take care of me.” She smiled sweetly.“Err, you… Should you change your attire first? It might be hard to fight in the test later...” Heiytu, because of his caring nature, wants to tell the girl that her clothes were not suitable. Who knows if her dress might obscure her escape if there was a danger or accidentally get attached to anything in the forest, where the test would be conducted.Leqaria knows his kind intentions and feels she has met someone she likes to have as her first friend there. Who knows if they can develop further relationships in the future. Living for thousands of years, of course, she would feel a little lonely even with Ambrion by her side. Well, Ambrion was not a living being so the feeling of loneliness still can be felt by her. She had many friends before but now, they only became memories inside her mind. She needs to start gathering friends again, not just friends but trusted ones.“No worry. I won’t get in your way.” She
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"H, How?!" Juon couldn't believe the beast would just give her the tag and then leave without harming any of them."Hm… I guess it got charmed by me and kindly gave me the tag…?" Leqaria slowly said to them like she too doesn’t know why.What sort of charm?! Who would believe that?!"Alright, alright, we got our first tag. We need to look for more before the time is up. We still have five hours and forty minutes left. Let's go." Heiytu reminded them.Juon and Oguas nodded. They didn’t see her eyes when she asked for the tag. If they do, they might feel threatened by her too but their instinct told them to not look at her at that time, saving their mentality. If they do, they might be scared of girls from now on, especially one with dresses. And so, they just felt like they were lucky to have their first tag so smoothly. They left the area to find their next target."Heh! This girl is very interesting." Bran Hixiez, a man and also one of the teachers, commented. He was monitoring Le
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Leqaria didn’t know that her Appraisal Body Data had gotten attention from the high-ranking General. And it’s all thanks to her AI that had made it for her. She would have never thought the current period of time has high security which questions everyone's background that looks strange to them. A thousand years ago, it didn't become much of a priority but after several betrayals later that came from within The Federation, the thoughts of people in the military have become more cautious. Her background had so many loopholes which attracted the high-intelligence Vaans. If she had known it before, she would have told Ambrion to put her data to be the same as other participants there. Now, it was too late to change it. Ambrion decided to put such a data appraisal because she might accidentally leak out powerful ability during her test. But he didn’t know many female Changelings don't have great abilities like her. Only male Changelings would have and it would not gather much attention
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“Congratulations on passing your test! We are happy to have you here at our Hades Military Academy. Please make sure you get your room number that would be given by your representative teachers. As for the course you will take during your study here, you can check online after you get your student ID which would be let out tomorrow. Now, you may disperse!” Megfor announced after the test ended. Out of hundreds of teams, only thirty-four teams passed the test and the number was below two hundred. After all, it was a team working together, not an individual. So, if they didn’t get the ten tags within the test time, they couldn’t pass it. This was military-style training on a low number of groups during a mission. If the individuals don't work together they won’t be able to complete a mission successfully. However, the test itself has another branch of test which is called the Qualification Test. The participants didn’t know about this because this was a secret. So when an individual
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"Bran, go check. We'll cover you." Lexikan orders Bran.Bran followed immediately and came closer to the casket. He was stunned after seeing the inside."Sir, there's no one in it," Bran told them.He even touched the base of the casket and didn't find anything except for the dust. Vaans instantly appear beside him with Lexikan covering their backs.‘It isn't my imagination. The hands truly appear.’ Vaans couldn't interpret the words for the pale hands he saw.He and Bran remove the top and put it aside. Their AI scans the inside and finds only dust."What do you see before, Vaans?" Lexikan walked to stand beside them."Hands."Lexikan swallowed his saliva. "White like a ghost? Female or male?""Female.""Then, could it be that she was hiding from us?" Bran asked."Don't you mean playing?" Lexikan looked dryly at the latter.Bran shrugged with a smile that they can't see because of the helmet. He guessed their master had awakened. He wants to see her and knows whether she looks like t
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Vaans and Leqaria lock motionless gazes with one another. As time goes on, the mood gets uncomfortable and more awkward. Vaans eventually sighed heavily. They can't simply be quiet until daybreak. And he needs to contact Lexikan and Bran right away. Who knows what the other two were doing right now? Well, he can use his headgear but she might interpret it as something dangerous to her being. So, the answer is no. “Erm…” “Hey…” Both were startled because they spoke at the same time. "You first!" Leqaria informed him while grinning somewhat awkwardly. Geez… She thought he was a mannequin since he stays so still. But actually, Vaans was standing guard against her. His eyes never left her either, waiting if she would make a crazy move again on him. Although Leqaria knew his discomfort and vigilance, she promised herself that she won’t try to take a bite at him again. Well, she can’t promise if he accidentally bleeds himself though… If that happens, bon appetit! “Where are
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Leqaria didn't return to her dorm as expected. She appears once more on top of his dorm building, watching the academy grounds. Truthfully, she was starving even before Vaans and the others came to her home. Her Blood Shadow situated in Glaios Base reported that a group of police have been investigating the victims she bit."Ambrion, why didn't you tell me that biting on the changeling's neck was forbidden?" She fumed at her AI.Ambrion, after a long silence, replied to her."Answering. You have not violated the law unless you put your bite a little to the right where their important glands are situated." "That's not the issue! Why didn't you tell me the changelings have another organ now? I became a highly sought perverted criminal in Glaios Base because of it!""The best option, evaluating… Hide, master. And find a new target with a different location to bite.""Urgh!" Leqaria groans.If Ambrion had a physical body, she would have beat him. Ambrion, who felt her anger level rising
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Vaans sighs. He couldn’t sleep. He glared at a small tent at the centre of his pants. ‘How did this happen…?’ He was confused.He believed himself to be impotent, but when he saw Leqaria face to face, he unexpectedly developed an erection for her. Her presence also made him feel more conflicted.Not to mention when he returned to his guest house, the lingering memories of her made his body warm up. He had to take a cold bath.Recovering his sanity, he ridicules the state of his mind, falling into the hand of pleasure. Afterwards, he deduced Leqaria's presence was a dangerous attraction which may become a problem for him. Still, he had promised the headmaster to teach in the academy. He just needs to hold on for three months.Just three months… Who is he kidding? Three months was a long time for him, who only cared about training his soldiers.Who knows what would happen if she gets near him again.“This can’t go on. I must do something to distract myself.”Vaans stood up and went t
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