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Through the darkness he will rise. James Olympia has spent his life moving from one foster home to the next, viewing himself nothing more than an orphan making his way through high school. That is until a stranger appears on his doorstep offering him the chance of a lifetime. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down as he's whisked away to a new and exciting environment. He soon learns nothing is as it seems. Truths long buried are discovered, and a great destiny looms before him. With each choice made, his path becomes clearer. But, waiting for him, is unimaginable darkness.

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37 Chapters
The Dream - Chapter 1
Icy cold sheets of rain and sleet lashed against his skin, soaking him through and through, sending a numbing chill deep into his bones. As the frozen winds slammed against him and sent him hurtling through the dark, ominous cloud banks, his nervous system threw itself into overdrive, every inch of his body screaming out for mercy. He had just passed from one dense copse of clouds to the next—in barely more than the blink of an eye—when he felt it. It was sudden and subtle, but the change was there all the same. He could sense the ions charging up in the atmosphere like a battery getting ready to explode; the air enveloping him smelled of copper and rust. Like the blades of a turbine engine revving up, the energy built and increased to the breaking point, when an eerie calm fell over everything. He was still free-falling through the clouds, but in that moment the world had become silent, still, peaceful. Just as he emerged from the last bit of cloud cover, the barr
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A Visitor - Chapter 2
After dinner, James quietly cleaned the dishes, waiting for the unknown visitor to show up. He hadn’t said much to anyone throughout dinner, just sat there lost in his thoughts. Joey had tried numerous times to break the silence with a few jokes, but when he hadn’t received much response, he ate in silence as well. He must have been able to tell there was something going on with James and Karen, since they barely looked at each other, but he refrained from asking what it was, probably knowing he wouldn’t receive an answer. But then, as if reading Joey’s thoughts, Karen had said, “James has a visitor coming to speak with him after dinner, so I need everyone to help clean up and to be on their best behavior.” Subdued mumbles of agreement around the table. Joey blinked his eyes, as if he were about to cry, but before he could say anything Karen continued, “And Joey, I’ll need you to watch the twins in their room so they won’t be in the way while James and I speak wit
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A Breath, A Sigh, A Nod - Chapter 3
Early morning sunlight filtered through the blind-covered window as James sat on his bed waiting for Karen, Joey, and the twins to return from Sunday morning mass. He had stayed home to finish packing and was now just waiting to say his goodbyes before Blakeney swung by to pick him up. Nervousness and anxiety coursed through him as he studied the school pamphlet for what seemed like the hundredth time. What will the students be like there? Will I even fit in? He kept wondering. It’s not like I’ll be leaving again in a few more months, like every other school. I’ll be finishing out this year and all of next. He sighed. Well, I guess I’ll get through it just like every other time—make a few friends and trudge it out the best I can. Changing track, he thought about when he broke the news to Joey yesterday and how the normally comic, easygoing boy had actually cried for a bit. James hadn’t known how much the younger boy had really thought of him as an older brother. That conversation
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Mount Olympus - Chapter 4
From what little he had seen of the school, James couldn’t quite describe the overwhelming atmosphere of it all. The main hall was much more massive than he thought it would be. The whole situation felt utterly surreal, as if at any moment he would wake up and be back at Karen’s with Joey banging on the door wanting to hang out. But, no, James knew this was not a dream; it was just beyond anything he had ever expected to experience. “Ready?” Blakeney said. “Huh?” James started, noticing that they had pulled into a small parking lot in the midst of massive trees. He shook his head to clear it. “Oh, yeah . . . right, I’m good to go.” “Great. Come on, then,” said Blakeney, laughing softly. They climbed out of the car and made their way onto a small cobblestone path a patch of trees. The large branches shadowing the path blocked the view, but he could see emerald green grass just beyond the edge of the trees and glimpses of some kind of immense, white building with pillar
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The Fire of Prometheus - Chapter 5
After leaving Blakeney’s office, the pair made their way straight down the first hall to a nondescript wooden door, which the older man opened to reveal some kind of grand entryway. Right in the middle of the beautiful, white marble flooring was a fountain with a statue of a nude woman—maybe Aphrodite? James thought—and winged cherubs shooting water out of their mouths across her sprawled frame. The walls weren’t paneled with wood, but instead retained the same white granite as the exterior. Here, unlike the unadorned exterior, exquisite painted carvings of cherubs, laurels, heavenly bodies, and lounging figures graced the walls at what at first seemed random. The more James stared in wide-eyed wonder, the more he recognized the pattern of it all. The cherubs were dancing in the air around the bodies, throwing laurels at their feet while the reclined figures themselves seemed to be studying representations of the stars and planets. It was like nothing he had ever seen be
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The Beginning of Something Great - Chapter 6
Once he made it to the third-floor landing, finding his room was easy. Everything was labeled clearly, so it was just a matter of following the numbers until he found a simple wooden door with 320 carved into it. The flooring that ran the length of the long hallway was the thin, rugged-type carpeting that many schools and office buildings used. With so much traffic, it made sense. James had passed several other guys and of course in keeping with guy code, the greetings were nothing more than sup’s, what’s ups, and hey. Sometimes they were nothing more than a quick nod. Ah, the simplicity of being a guy. His new room was across the hall from the bathrooms, so maybe he wouldn’t have to wait too long to get into the shower most mornings. Staring at the door marked 320, he looked down at the key that Blakeney had given him. He raised a single eyebrow as he studied it some more. It was just a simple, black aluminum stick with a knob at the end of it. He couldn’t make heads or tail
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Alexandra - Chapter 7
The early morning sun gradually bathed the small room in a pale, gray and pinkish light as James opened his eyes from a dreamless sleep. He glanced over at the clock on the nightstand. The red holographic numbers of 6:28 a.m. stared back at him from tether-less suspension. What a weird clock, he thought. He was too excited on this newest of new days, so he knew trying to gain any more sleep would prove futile. Taking a deep breath, he swung his legs out from under the covers, deciding to get a head start on the day. Doing his best not to wake up Tres, he quickly made his bed, grabbed a few hygiene items, a towel, and some boxers, and headed out the door in search of an early shower. James thought he would’ve been one of the first to make it to the bathrooms, but by the time he swung open the door, he found that wasn’t the case. Of the six showers, only one was available. He stepped in, put his boxers and towel on the offered hangers, and stripped off the athletic shorts
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Jennifer West - Chapter 8
When Blakeney had dropped off his textbooks last night, James had been a little confused upon seeing the title of the text for Photography. Thinking he might have been the butt of a joke, he slipped Photography For Dummies, along with his history text, into his bag. He shut the door to his room and hurried up to the fourth floor, not wanting to be late. The classroom was on the opposite side of the building, next to the girls’ dormitories, and James found it easily enough. As soon as he walked in, he realized no one else had their schoolbags with them. The only accessory they happened to have was a camera. He felt a little out of place as he made his way across the room to the only friendly face he saw, Jennifer West. She smiled at James as he approached. “Well, hey, James. Could a girl have any more luck?” “Uh . . . hey,” he said, glancing around. “Did I miss something? Why doesn’t everyone have their books with them?” “Oh, you only need it on Wednesdays. And don’t worry
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Sometimes, I hate technology - Chapter 9
Sitting with this new group of friends was different, he realized. Gone was the familiarity of the sibling-like relationship of Eliza and Tres. Conversation was more refined, as if even here, while just having dinner and enjoying each other’s company, reputations had to be preserved and images upheld. It was actually exhausting. Of the three—Ceres, Rachel, and Ricky—the only one he had any kind of interesting conversation with was Ricky. They talked a lot about lacrosse and the upcoming spring season. Of course, Jennifer didn’t know much about lacrosse, so she mainly talked across James to Rachel while keeping a hand on him flirtatiously. James learned that Ricky had several big parties every year. The shorter boy’s eyes lit up at the mention of his get-togethers. “Normally I just throw one for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and my famous End of the Year Bash. But from time to time, I like to just go crazy as hell and throw one for no reason at all.” “Let me gues
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First Date Chapter 10
“Tres?” he said to his roommate. Hearing no response, he looked over at his friend and found him entranced in WOW—again. “Tres!?” “Huh?” Tres looked over. “Whatcha think?” James asked nervously. “Eh . . . good enough,” Tres said, and quickly turned back to his computer. James breathed deeply and let the exhale out slowly, as if his lips were the release valve of an air pump. He shook his head, wondering why he was so nervous. “It’s the first date, that’s why,” he mumbled under his breath. The last week had flown by and now Saturday night was here—his first date with Jennifer. Normally, when James was looking forward to something, time slowed down so much that it seemed the hands on a clock stood still. But this week had disappeared in a blink. A comfortable routine had probably helped with that. It seemed so easy and normal. Every day he would eat breakfast and lunch with Tres, Eliza, and Svet. Dinner was reserved for Jennifer and her friends. In between class
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