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Mated to the Alpha Twins Review: The Most Thrilling Love Triangle - GoodNovel Writers Academy

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Among romance web novels, there are so many steamy and errotic ones, because sex experience is so important in a relationship, and it is so understandable that female writers desire to explore perfect sex in their fantasies and fictions. However, few of them are truly well-written, for most of the authors don't clarify the purpose of sex scenes.

Sex scenes are not an independent part of a story plot. Just like all the other kinds of scenes, they should present characters’ personalities, actions and relationship developments. The only difference between sex scenes and other scenes is that the former creates much more dramatic tension and evoke female readers’ desire towards intimacy, which is almost an exclusive factor in the genre of romance.

Jane Doe is one of our best-sellers truly good at sex scenes. Except for her classic work “Alpha Asher”, there is another werewolf story fully displaying her talents, which is titled “Mated to the Alpha Twins”.

“Mated to the Alpha Twins” displays surreal triangle of love and sex.

What is the wildest dream of a teenage girl?

Many girls may say being loved by two sexy guys at the same time.

This story is about such a love triangle, and even upgraded, because the male leads are twins, who have the same greatest power in their realm. The female lead must make the hardest choice between them.

And the most thrilling thing is that in the sex scenes of this love triangle, you can totally tell how aggresive those two Alphas should be, and how difficult for the female lead to get rid of the double lust traps.

No doubt, this is a genius character setting of Jane Doe. She used it to pull the tension in a romance story to the most extent.

Mated to the Alpha Twins” makes the female lead shine between the male leads.

The male leads are so strong, what kind of female lead can handle these two guys? She must be a strong girl too.

As a response to the most thrilling thing in this book, the most intriguing part is how the female lead thinks and acts about the two male leads. We can see a girl enjoying love and sex, but without fear. She welcomes the male leads’ invades, but also strikes back evenly by making both of them obsessed with her.

This lead character setting in romance is quite brave and exquisite, which also reveals the author Jane Doe’s courage and excellent writing skills.

To put it bluntly, the quality of a character setting depends on the author's observation and presentation of humanity. If you want to gain such capabilities, New Reading Writers Academy may provide some support. Please pay attention to our web novel writing course if you are interested.

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