Chapter Fourteen

Daphne’s Point of View

I was in the middle of wiping down my bathroom sink when my door burst open. My heart instantly sank as I noticed it was Beta Noah, and the man I had seen downstairs at my door. Keeping my eyes to the floor so that I would not offend anyone, I walked out of the bathroom and waited for order.

“You are to come down to the Alpha’s study immediately. I will escort you there.” Beta Noah barked out. I started shivering, thinking that I must have done something to offend the visiting Alpha since his Beta was here with Noah as well. Walking out of my room I tried to replay every movement I have made since the Alpha arrived. Other than watching him greet the Mission pack I do not ever recall even seeing him. My palms are sweating, and my stomach is in knots trying to figure out how I could have offended the Alpha.

As we make it to the first floor it dawn

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Comments (7)
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Jasmine Howard
glad he didn't mention being her mat I think her dad would of did something stupid
goodnovel comment avatar
Samantha Garcia
Great read a favorite
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Smith
Why didn’t alpha Caleb didn’t mention that Daphne are mates to alpha Jason. I’m confused 🤷‍♀️ 

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