Book 2 Chapter 38

Caleb’s Point of View

I lay awake for hours, praying that sleep will eventually come. Daphne is splayed across my chest with her head nestled into my shoulder. I love holding her like this, and normally I would be out like a light. This is the exact kind of contact that I was craving while she mourned the loss of our child. Tonight, though I am racked with worry, and fear.

What if Daphne is right? What if somewhere along the lines in our pack, our wolves mated with witches or witch hybrids? What if a witch cursed our pack? I hate not knowing exactly what is going on. Usually in situations where I do not have the facts, I can turn to Theo, and he can discover what exactly is going on. It seems as if Theo is as stumped as the rest of us, and that alone is making everything uneasy for me.

Scarlett’s admission is also troubling me. If Alma was able to find a witch does that mean that they are more common than I previously thought? I pers

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Michelle Whitaker
Daphne and Caleb truly are best friends, partners and lovers
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Michelle Whitaker
well that went from questions to sex really fast but that is the beauty of the stories that the author creates u know . like you could be happy, angry, sad and questioning every little thing but u still get to make love with your best friend and partner in the world and I think that that is what

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