Book 2 Chapter 39

Caleb’s Point of View

I know that I must get up from the bed but laying here with Daphne sleeping soundly splayed across my chest I do not want to move. Last night was amazing. I did not expect Daphne to be ready for intimacy on that level yet, but when she bucked her hips up, I was lost in the void of lust. I had missed my mate severely, so it was a huge relief to both myself and my wolf spirit. I felt like our bond was stronger than it was yesterday. I bent my head and softly kissed the top of hers, sending up another thank you to the Moon Goddess for blessing me with her.

“Mmmm I do not want to get up yet.” Daphne’s sleepy voice called out.

“I know my love, but there is a lot to get done today. On the bright side almost, everyone will be leaving after today so that we can start to untangle some of the mysteries we have around here.” I am not sure if I said this more to reassure her, or if I was trying in va

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Michelle Whitaker
yeah no the book is definitely not finished yet cause an author would not leave us hanging like that
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I noticed no response in regards to all the people asking for a refund. It’s as though the author just decided not to finish the book and just wrote the end. We deserve our money back. These books cost a lot to read
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Marcella Haworth
I am so sick of this s*** I'm sick of paying money the books that are not finished why the hell would you even publish a book that is not finished I want my money back

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