Book 2 Chapter 40

Daphne’s Point of View

It did not take me long to finish getting ready after Caleb left. I took a few long breaths to calm my inflamed face before I left our room. Caleb has my heart pounding. As the Luna of my pack, and with us still entertaining guests then I cannot be waltzing around like a lovesick puppy, filled with lust. Once I felt the blood leave my face, and my pulse slow I knew it was time to leave the room. Surprisingly I felt rather hungry this morning but thinking about the activities of the previous night it should not have been a surprise that I have worked up an appetite.

With the ghost of last night replaying through my mind, and a huge smile on my face I happily left the bedroom and headed downstairs to have breakfast. I barely made it out of the room before my arm was grabbed and I was yanked into the study.

“What the hell Scarlett that hurt.” I whisper yell at my sister as she finally relents and releases my arm.

Danielle Bush

I wanted to personally thank my readers for sticking with me through the last few months. As some of you know my son was in an accident. I can proudly say that he is now home, and doing very well. I am sure that we will still have a few bumps in the road as we go, but as a family we have truly been blessed beyond measure that we are all still here and still together. Thank you so much for sticking by me during these times. I am excited to get back to writing full time. You guys are so amazing, and I love you all. Thank you again.

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Is there another book following this one
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Sending healing to you and your family. I just tackled the entire story in two days not realizing it wasn’t finished, so I’m excited for whenever you return. Be well!
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Sherika Render
I am truly sorry that you and your son had to fo through any pain. I will keep praying for his full recovery and keeping your spirits up while he track through his healing process. I am excited to read more of this book but you take care of yourself while taking care of him.

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