Chapter Five

Caleb’s Point of View

I hated waking up in a strange bed. I hated even more that my normal routine could not be kept. Par usual I wake up before almost everyone else. I quickly throw on some sweatpants, not even bothering with a shirt. These rare hours that I have to myself I use them to spoil myself. The rest of my days are filled with meetings, trainings, and other pack business. With the tension in my shoulders I know that I need to let my wolf out on a run so that I am calmer tonight for the festivities. I know that my pack is hoping that I find my mate tonight. Truth be told I am a little anxious to find her as well.

I quickly make my way out of the pack house, and instantly my body starts to loosen up. I head to the south and find myself looking up at the window of the room I slept in last night. The Silver Moon pack has been very generous since we arrived, and I am thankful that Theo is great with polit

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A J (MiMy)
Interesting ūüę£
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Filomena Dayson
nice story
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Ana Golnar
Good story

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