Chapter Ten

Theo’s Point of View

I am very good at gathering information from people and computers. I became sort of an investigator after my mate passed away. My dear sweet Miranda, death took her way too soon from my arms. Miranda had been involved in a car accident year before last. It was eastern Oregon in January; roads were slick, and we eventually found her jeep flipped over in a ditch off the highway. Police initially tried to say that they believed that she had hit an animal, but I personally went to the scene and scented no other animal near her.

The front end of jeep was smashed in from where she had hit the ditch, but no one could explain why the back end of her jeep was smashed in. I also pointed out that there seemed to be a paint transfer, her jeep was white, the transfer paint was blue in color. I almost lost my mind arguing with the police and the detectives because I needed to know what had happened to t

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Norma Buckingham
I would never pay for a short chapter. The way they hVe it rigged I won't finish reading this book was it'll be 10 months I'll be bored by than. I too bad.
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Alison Wray
chapters are way too short think I'm done
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This needs to be a wait for free book cause chapters are way to short to charge!!

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