Epilogue 2


Henry Lexington just wanted to deliver those things to Sara and then he wanted to disappear from her life. He was about to do that but when she called out to him, he couldn’t help but freeze on his spot.

Sara sighed in relief when her father stopped. She walked toward him, a smile gracing her lips.

“ How can you leave from outside? Don’t you want to see your Grandson? ” Sara reached him and grabbed his arm, her eyes filling up with tears.

She forgave him. She forgave everyone a long time ago.

She wanted those who cared about her to be a part of her life now. She knew her father was weak but he had loved her from the start. There was no doubt about that.

She didn’t want to judge people anymore. She wanted to be kind to everyone and most of all, towards her father.

“ I was just leaving. ” Henry Lexington kept his face away from her, tears beginning to fall his eyes.

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a great read thks
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Kismet Star
Awesome novel!!! Thank you author!!!! ...️
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Sylvia Gibbs
Beautiful story ......
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