Chapter 03


Standing in front of the huge mirror, Sara stared at herself blankly. She was wearing a princess white wedding dress that was trailing behind her. Its sparkling upper part hugged her body perfectly and flowed at the end. When she moved, it felt like tiny stars were moving behind her.

Slowly, her eyes met hers in the reflection and she noticed the emotion in them.

Helplessness - It was pure helplessness and hate.

Hate for herself, her family and the man she was going to marry today.

A week ago, when Grandfather Magnus announced that she would have to marry that man, she protested her best internally, as she was unable to say anything to him.

Her father looked defeated, as she stared in his eyes with hope. A hope that he would save her from such a cruel decision, but as usual, he didn't say anything.

He didn't protect her like any father was supposed to do.

He didn't raise his voice for her as any father was supposed to do.

But, Sara was not angry at him, because she was the same.

If she was not standing against Grandfather Magnus's decision herself, then how could she expect anyone else to do it for her?

She recalled the look on everyone'e faces.

It was pure mockery and taunt. They were mocking her for what was about to become of her life. They were secretly taunting her for her mistake that would push her out of the line of succession.

Sara sighed out and dragged her palms against the dress with her heart feeling heavier, than it had ever felt before.

She didn't know how that man, named Silas, even agreed to this shitty marriage. As for his name, she found it out when she met him five days ago, following Grandfather Magnus's order.


She walked inside the cafe, that was vacant, indicating that her Grandfather Magnus, must have booked all of it to keep this meeting a secret.

As Sara raised her head, her eyes met with the same man, who became the reason of her misery. He was sipping on the cup of coffee, like there was nothing more important than this in his life.

According to the background check, he really had nothing to do in his life. He was an orphan raised in an orphanage with no reputation, no status and no job. Thankfully, he had basic education. But his features didn't match with his reality at all. If he was dirt poor, what was he even doing in that VIP Club. This was the question that was bugging Sara's mind from forever.

Gritting her teeth, she walked to him and placed her bag on the table, making a clear thud sound. At the sudden noise, he raised his eyes and gave her a once over look, that irked her out.

“ I have been waiting for half an hour now. ” Complaining in a normal tone, he placed the mug down leisurely.

“ It's not like you have anything important to do anyway. ” Shrugging her shoulders, Sara sat down in front of him and the waitress rushed to them to get her order.

Irritated, Sara waved her hand in a dismiss gesture and the waitress disappeared behind the counter again.

“ Why did you agree to this marriage, Silas?! ” Sara came to the point, getting uncomfortable with his piercing gaze. His eyes screamed power, which he didn't have at all. He was a nobody, yet he carried himself like he was a king.

“ Who would refuse to marry such a beauty? ” He threw her a bitter smile and Sara bit her tongue to not start cursing at him.

“ Name your price and tell my Grandfather that you don't want to marry me. ” Sara took out the blank cheque from her bag and placed it on the table, before grabbing the pen again.

He was poor, so it would be easy to just give him money and get rid of him. When he picked up the cheque, Sara smirked. Just as she expected, he just wanted the money. It was nothing more, nothing less.

“ What a generous offer! ” He smiled and his dimples showed up, as Sara's heart skipped beat.

Even if he was poor, he was still attractive - too attractive to Sara's liking and she hated the fact that she still couldn't remember what really happened that night. It was not good to think about this right now.

“ But I am afraid...I will have to refuse, Sara Lexington. ” Surprisingly, he placed the cheque down and Sara's breath hitched.

“ WHAT?! What do you mean? Are you an idiot? You will be filthy rich in just a day. ” Sara frowned and shrieked before picking up the cheque.

She took out the pen from her bag and started writing the amount.

“ Is this enough?! ” Sara wrote down ten million and asked hysterically. She needed him to refuse this marriage or she wouldn't be able to inherit the company in the future.

Grandfather Magnus would never let her inherit the company, if her husband was a nobody. She needed strong connections and alliances for her to become the CEO. And for a strong support, she had to marry a man who had the highest status and held unmatchable power.

“ I told you...I won't refuse your Grandfather's proposal. ” He shook his head and picked up his mug to sip on his coffee again.

With her blood boiling in her veins, Sara glared him down. “ Just tell me whatever you want! I will give it to you! ” She tried another time starting to feel frustrated.

“ You can't offer me anything better than being the son-in-law of the great Lexingtons. ” Finally, he let out the real reason behind rejecting her offer.

Sara clenched her hands into fists. He wanted to be a part of Lexingtons, so he could enjoy the luxury and power for the rest of his life. Sara's eyes started to burn with a vein ticking in her jaw. People like him were leeches, who only knew how to latch themselves onto others and suck their blood off.

“ You are an asshole! Marry me and I will make your life hell! ” Sara hissed out through her teeth, only to have him smile at her.

He was not only greedy, but shameless too. He was the kind, Sara hated the most.

“ Your hate and insults would be worth it in exchange of the extravagant life. ” He sighed out dreamily and Sara stared at him with tears starting to prick her eyes. He wouldn't refuse. She was sure of that now. If he wouldn't refuse, she was going to be bound to him forever.

“ I will divorce you as soon as this scandal shit dies down. ” Bluffing, Sara threw the cheque back in her bag and stood up to leave.

“ From what I know...No one had ever filed a divorce in your family. They won't let you divorce me no matter what you do. ” He rubbed the tip of his ear, looking away from her arrogantly.

Sara glared down at him for the last time and stormed away, as Silas's smile fell and he stared at her back emotionlessly.

Sara knew what he was saying, was the ultimate. She would never be able to get rid of him after the marriage. Tears started falling out of her eyes and she wore her sunglasses, before wiping her cheeks harshly.

If she was going to go through hell, she would make him burn beside her.

He was eager to have that power, but he didn't know that power came with pain and sacrifice. Eventually, he was going to lose himself and then he would remember this day to regret, not taking up her offer.


Sara sighed for the nth time and held her tears back. The door to the bridal room opened and her father stepped in with his expressioms, grim.

Glancing at him from the mirror, Sara pretended to fix her dress. She didn't want to talk to him.

“ Are you still not going to talk to me directly? It's been years already, Dove ” His tired voice echoed in her ears, as he called her by her nickname, that her mother gave her.

Sara ignored his existence altogether and kept her eyes fixed on her dress. She just wanted him to leave already.

“ It's your wedding day. Please talk to me. ” Suddenly, he grabbed her wrist and Sara felt like a volcano erupted in her mind.

Abruptly turning around, she pulled her wrist away and glared at him, furiously “ Don't even dare to come near me again, Mr Lexington! And it's not a wedding. It's the funeral of my dreams and hopes. Now leave! ” Hissing at him, Sara raised her head stubbornly, before stepping back from him and pointing her finger towards the door.

The misery in his eyes cooled down the fire of hate in Sara's heart for a moment. Her father smiled sadly, nodding his head and turning around to leave from there.

“ You look beautiful, Dove. Your mother would have said this to you today. ” He stopped and voiced out.

“ DON'T TAKE HER NAME FROM YOUR MOUTH! ” Screaming out, Sara grabbed the perfume bottle from the dressing table and threw it down.

The rosy fragnance filled up the air as the bottle broke down. The glass shattering into pieces. Her father shook his head and walked out of there, knowing that she would get more angry, if he stayed any longer

A tear fell from Sara's eyes, as he closed the door and she stumbled back. Placing her hand on the dressing table as a support, she looked up and fanned her face with her other hand.


As she walked down the aisle with her father, her heart drowned with each step she took towards the man standing at the end of the way.

She was sure, that she hated him with all her heart. Raising her head, she refused to let others know how miserable she was feeling right now. Having her father so close to her after years, was making her more upset. It was like she was forced to go through everything she hated, at the same day and time.

It was the test of her patience and she refused to fail. She would never give her so-called family, the satisfaction of seeing her broken.

Her mind was in a trance.

She didn't know when she stood in front of him.

She didn't know what the priest was saying either.

She was just staring at the man standing in front of her, blankly.

“ Do you Silas Alexander, take Sara Lexington, as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part? ” Sara's breath hitched, as her eyes once again pleaded Silas to back off.

“ I do! ” Silas's words fell on Sara's ears, but she didn't even blink.

Silas Alexander was a Liar. A filthy liar, who didn't care about any oath or vow.

“ Do you Sara Lexington take Silas Alexander as your lawfuly wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part? ” The priest turned to Sara and she pushed her tears back.

“ I do! ” She held her head high and uttered out mustering up all her courage. Her voice didn't seem like it was her own nor did her emotions seemed like her own.

And she was the same.

Sara Lexington was a liar. A filthy one, who didn't care about any oath or vow.

They exchanged rings and Sara raised her head again with hate taking over all other feelings of hers.

“ I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. ” The priest made the announcement and the hall instead of erupting with cheers, fell silent.

Silas placed his hand on her waist and cupped her cheek with his other hand, before lowering his head and capturing her lips in a soft kiss.

The familiar touch of his lips made Sara clench her hands into fists and she took her own vows in her heart.

' I Sara Lexington, take you, Silas Alexander to be my unwanted husband. I promise to be hateful towards you in good times, in sickness and in health. I will hate you all the days of my life, until death provides you relief from the life, that is going to be worse than hell for you. '

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