7- It wasn't a dream

When Trevor awoke the next morning, he found himself under a strong embrace. With his eyes still closed, he began to feel with his hands the strong body clinging to him.

"Um ... Am I still dreaming? I never want this dream to end... It feels so good to be hugged by someone," Trevor thought, touching Max's torso here and there before tightening the embrace and burying his head into Max's torso, breathing heavily to smell his beautiful scent.

Max, who was already awake when Trevor started playing with his body, just watched the beautiful man in his embrace do what he wanted while watching his strange and funny behavior. He was curious to see how Trevor would react when he realized he wasn't in a dream.

Max had had one of the best nights he'd had in a long time. Trevor's scent was like a cooling thee that relaxed all his nerves. He had never felt so calm and peaceful like that before, all his stress from work and studies had been blown away. It was like he was having a good time, enjoying the fresh breeze from the trees in a beautiful forest.

Trevor finally decided to open his eyes and was immediately stunned to find himself actually in someone's arms. He quickly winced, even falling to the ground and looking at Max in disbelief. His mind was a mess, he couldn't remember why or how Max was on his bed.

"You ... What ... what are you doing in my bed?" Trevor asked stuttering. Because he could already guess why a dominant alpha would be in his bed while he was in heat. Trevor started to panic.

"What do you think?" asked Max with a grin, looking into Trevor's wide eyes with amusement.

"That ... that can't be right? I was dreaming! This can't be happening!" Trevor asked himself in horror, remembering all the things he had done the night before.

"All I can say is that you were really demanding last night," Max teased Trevor with a chuckle, looking at him as he clutched his hair, not wanting to believe what his head was making him remember.

"Omg... Omg Trevor what did you do?... ", Trevor asked himself loudly, before looking at Max and then seeing in his shirt all the marks Max had left all over his body. He looked back at Max and jumped back on his bed, which surprised Max a little.

"Max, I'm sorry about what happened last night, but if I remember correctly you had a good time too, so I don't owe you anything right? anyway, thanks for helping me out." Trevor said, looking Max straight in the eye.

Trevor's reaction wasn't really what Max had anticipated. He thought the guy was going to go berserk and started acting all sheepish in front of him. But what he saw in the Omega eyes was excitement and he liked that.

"You're welcome, but I didn't enjoy it to the end...!" replied Max with a sexy smile that made Trevor blush.

*cough* Trevor cleared his throat, trying to dismiss his embarrassment "I ... thank you for that too." Trevor said genuinely grateful to Max for not going to the extreme. Even though Trevor always thought he wouldn't have a chance to know what it feels to have sex with someone in his life, he still wanted to do it only if he was okay with it.

"No problem, baby... Um, um, I mean, no problem, roomie, I was just trying to be a good man and save the beauty in distress," Max chuckled at his words and thought, "When did I start trying to be a good man?

Trevor frowned a little whispering "I'm not a beauty in distress." He rolled his eyes and just nodded, not knowing what to say anymore. But soon he realise that something wasn't right and he stared one more time at Max with his eyes wide open. Max was confused and didn't know what was going on in Trevor's head again.

"Can I hug you?" Trevor blurted out of nowhere, making Max feel a little embarrassed. Max didn't think he could keep up with the way Trevor's head was working.

"Well, we've done a lot more than just hugging, so I think ..."

Trevor collapsed into his arms, not waiting for Max to finish speaking. He couldn't believe someone could actually hug him, was he cured now...could he live free and happy now? was all Trevor had in mind.

With a perplexed look, Max looked at him and released the hug. "Care to explain?"

"Oh ... actually, I've had this condition since I was ten, I can't stand being touched by men, except older ones. It's even harder for me when it's someone from my generation... As soon as a man touches me, even if it's just with a brush, my body reacts. It can be just a mild headache, sometimes I have trouble breathing, and in the worst cases, I pass out or I can convulse or my heart can just stop." Trevor explained sadly.

So I'm very surprised that what happened last night wasn't a dream, and I also wanted to make sure I wasn't still dreaming.

"I find it hard to believe when I remember how much you enjoyed my touch last night, you were clinging to me and didn't want me to go back to my room!" Max said taking Trevor again in his arms. He sure knew how it felt too long for something you know you can't have so he could understand Trevor sadness.

Trevor blushed and felt ashamed as he remembered how clingy he was the night before.

"You're the first man I've ever hugged like this, aside from my grandfather and yours ... I don't know what's wrong ... Maybe I'm not sick anymore," Trevor said with hopeful eyes.

Max, for his part, was still processing the information Trevor had given him, and the most important thing he had retained was that he was Trevor's first. The only man he'd touched, kissed, and asked for sex. Max was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't hear Trevor call him.

"Max? Max?" Trevor called out when he saw Max lost in thought.

"Yes babe... ?" Max said a little absentmindedly, by the time he realized how he had called Trevor, it was already too late to take it back, so he just smiled and added, "I'm listening."

Trevor was a little stunned to hear how Max had called him and blushed slightly, cursing himself for being satisfied with Max calling him 'babe' in his sexy voice. He wanted to ask why Max had called him that, but he remembered that Max had been calling him that all night while coaxing him to behave, so he just wiped it away, thinking that it didn't mean anything.

"I just wanted to ask you something," Trevor said.

"Anything for you," Max replied with a smile.

Trevor looked at him suspiciously, this Max in front of him was somehow different from how his parents had described him, he was supposed to be someone who didn't smile, was cold and didn't talk much. But ever since this morning he just smiled and looked at him with those bright golden eyes, which made Trevor's heart jump a little. Gina had warned him that Max was a seducer and that he shouldn't fall in love with him because he was just in a non-permanent relationship.

But why didn't that seem to be the case in Trevor's eyes? Trevor reminded himself to stop what he was doing! He could already feel his heart clinging to the man in front of him, and the fact that the man was stunning wasn't helping him at all.

"Well, can you release your pheromones?" asked Trevor, still sitting on his bed as Max lay on his back in Trevor's bed.

When Max heard his request he was a little confused, it wasn't a natural request from an Omega. Weren't omegas most afraid of the pheromones of alphas? Besides, he was dominant, which meant his pheromones could make him faint at best. But when he saw the assuring look Trevor gave him, he decided to do as he was asked, and to his surprise, Trevor was perfectly fine.

They looked at each other for a long while before Max broke their awkward stare.

"Why aren't my pheromones working on you?" asked Max, a little amused. Truth be told, ever since the moment he had started thinking that Trevor might be the one he was waiting for, he had been sure that his pheromones couldn't hurt him. He'd read before that the Alpha's pheromones wouldn't attack the one destined for him. But Trevor had fainted yesterday when he'd released them to make that damn man who'd broken into his house disappear, so he wasn't sure anymore.

"Um, they work, but differently, I guess... they make me feel so peaceful... yesterday, when you released them, all the pain I was in was gone in a second," Trevor said, flatly... "But I don't have an answer as to why they have that effect on me," Trevor added nonchalantly...

Max just smiled at Trevor's carefree way of talking about something he should perhaps fear. "I think you seem too comfortable with that," Max said, sitting down across from Trevor.

Trevor's heart began to beat wildly at the sudden invasion of his personal space. Max's face was right in front of him and he couldn't help but focus on the way his Adam's apple moved, making him want to touch him, Max's beaming face was right in front of him and his beautiful lips drew Trevor in like a magnet. Trevor swallowed before looking to the side and scolding himself for being such a little slut, drooling in front of a this seducer.

Struggling a little to come back to his senses, he replied, "Why would I be uncomfortable, I'm glad to have someone to ease my pain when I'm in heat, isn't that a good thing?" Trevor said playing with his hair, a little gesture that was already making Max aroused.

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