78- Finally husband 2: Let's make a mess!!

Max and Trevor struggled to calm Mateo that night. The little boy was inconsolable, thinking that he had done something so wrong that his parents were now worse off than before.

The two parents took the time to explain to him that they were both fine and that there was no way they were breaking up, so he should not worry. They also took the time to explain to Mateo what Suzy had called him because despite his sadness Mateo did not forget to ask what it meant to be called a bastard and why the woman claimed he did not have a father when he clearly did.

After much coaxing, Mateo finally calmed down and Max and Trevor were able to go back to their own room.

Trevor knew that Max was very angry about what had happened. Hearing his own son being called a bastard was certainly not the right thing to hear plus, listening to him swear as he lost his temper, he knew Max was mad! He didn't know to what extent Max was angry now, but he was certainly very angry at school because his pheromones a

i'm writing the next chapter now, hope I'll finish it before tonight!! It will be a fun one! Let's see what trouble Mateo and his daddy will bring!

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Ouuu get em Trey
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Prigess Michel
But you should have already guess by now
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Prigess Michel
Will tell you soon!

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