16- First time

(Warning this chapter R-18 chapter. I'm sure you got the key while reading the last chapter).

Max smiled seductively at him, "Well, I'll be happy to ...". He lifted Trevor up, who automatically wrapped his legs around Max's hips and his arms around his neck. Max noticed a small pout on Trevor's lips as he lifted him up. "Are you okay?" asked Max, a little worried.

Trevor just nodded. "Um... it's just that you lift me so easily," Trevor pouted even more. At first, Max was confused and didn't understand what he was saying, then he laughed when he understood what Trevor was implying.

"That's not funny! I've been training my body for a long time, you know... And here in your arms I feel like all my work was for nothing," Trevor even pouted, a gesture that turned Max on even more. He was so cute, Max just wanted to destroy those plump lips.

"Baby, you do remember that I'm an Alpha, right? And a dominant one at that. So of course I'm already bigger and stronger

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