17- Love in the morning

After their first time so long awaited, both were very tired. Trevor was already in a deep slumber with a satisfied smile on his face, while Max wiped him off to have a good night. He put one of his shirts on him and put on his pajama pant. He also felt very tired. It was the first time he'd ever been this tired after sex. Before, even if he'd done it three times in a row, he hadn't been satisfied, let alone tired. But this night was on another level. He rewind the moment his dick had entered Trevor's ass. He could feel every nerve in his body responding. The immense pleasure he had felt was unparalleled. All these new emotions were what had made him so tired.

He lay down beside Trevor, tenderly stroking his hair and giving him a light kiss on the forehead. "Thank  you, darling, for this beautiful moment."

Trevor snuggled against Max's body as if he were a big teddy bear, while he was still lost in his dreams.

The next morning Max was awakened by a beautifu

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i well It Is understandable for know.they Just can't stop

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