18- I'm yours

When Trevor woke up again, an hour had passed and Max was already sitting in his office, dressed and signing some documents.

Trevor left Max's bed feeling very sore all over his body, especially his back and waist. The after effects of the night's and morning's intense activity were now spreading throughout his body. Remembering the sweet pain he had felt, Trevor just smiled, got out of bed and wanted to go back to his bedroom to get dressed. He still had time to attend afternoon classes.

He was surprised to see his clothes neatly folded on one side of the bed. He smiled fondly at the attention. He picked up the black chino pants and white shirt Max had prepared for him and put them on. As he dressed, Trevor didn't miss the marks Max had left all over his body. His chest was all red from the many bruises he had. Trevor patted them all with a satisfied smile before walking outside with a slight ache in his lower back.

Max, who had heard Trevor, walked out of his

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so much for Beeing hurting .........

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