23- A little fight

Trevor didn't know why, but he felt even more annoyed by those dirty eyes on him than before. He'd gotten used to it, it was part of his life anyway. When you're an Omega, you're bound to be stalked, chased seduced, raped, assaulted... So to say that Trevor had seen all sorts of strange people coming up to him and trying to get him was no exaggeration. Luckily for him, he had been well trained by his grandfather to avoid the worst. Surely marking will solve all these problems, because once an omega is bound to an alpha, another alpha should not lay a hand on him. But that was only in theory, because in this sick world, an Omega who was already marked would sometimes still get raped or attacked.

At this point Trevor wasn't the least bit concerned about those eyes on him, he knew their evil intent and the man standing before him was no less scum than the other.

Trevor walked even closer to the man and stopped right in front of him, Max at his back slightly bothered by Tr

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