Chapter 24


Just as fast as the reflection of Melania appears, it disappears as well.

I am left awed and confused. Have I even started hallucinating? I can’t tell anymore.

So apparently, I remember everything. I recall Melania tried to take my memories, but I wonder why it didn’t work.

I gulp and look around myself. There are people all around me. Werewolves, standing on my left. I look to my right and see them standing on my right as well.

Some are eyeing me, but most of them are keeping their heads down, not looking at anything in particular.

I frown. Where am I?

My eyes are drawn ahead. My throat goes dry seeing the gold chair set up raised with steps.

A throne?

My heart begin thrumming in my chest. I lower my gaze.

Slowly, small sparks travel

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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Ha! He expected this Katrina girl to ask him to make Violet free for claims and was gonna make Kane claim her. I guess, she’s already 2 steps ahead of you Wolf! Now whatever are you gonna do to keep Violet safe from her monstrosity?
goodnovel comment avatar
Julia Aniella
Violet and Wolf are mates, for sure. I can't wait to see, when they admit that.

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