Chapter 130


I am sure I saw her lips part and then press together as if she had mouthed a word.

Squinting my eyes, I lean closer to her face while my ears unconsciously search for her heartbeat.

Just a hint, Violet. Give me something. I silently pray staring down her at her motionless face.

My hands reach out to her face, touching it to feel the warmth, a spark of life in her.

“ What happened? ” Cassius comes to me, questioning and looks over my shoulder.

“ Her lips moved. ” I whisper dumbly.

“ That’s not possible, Kane. ” Stefan comes on the other side of me, squeezing my shoulder.

I shake my head, still touching her cheeks and listening in for her heartbeat. She is not breathing, her heart is not beating either but I…I saw her lips move.

“ Kane. This is affecting you. Why don’t you go take some rest? ” Cassius suggests, getting worried about me.

I don’t know what expressions they are seeing on my face right now to be wanting to send me away at a crucial time but I know what I saw.

“ Her li
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literally am crying...

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