Chapter 129


In my whole life, I have never truly believed in miracles. But I saw one happen a week ago when Wolf came back to life, when his dead heart started to beat again, when even the wound of silver healed on his body, when he opened his eyes and said only one word ‘Violet’.

Then, he went silent. Didn’t say anything at all. Although he came back to life, his soul had died.

I hadn’t really gotten over this miracle when I came to a realisation that even miracles required sacrifices.

He came back and she left us.

Was this any less horrible, any less painful, any less heart—breaking? No.

When her heart stopped beating, I began to feel the exact way I felt when I saw Wolf die.

I didn’t know what happened to her. I didn’t know how she suddenly died. She was not gravely injured and even her wounds had healed, then what happened to her? How did she die?

I got the answer to that when Viktor’s mother came and then Edward came. She was dead yet she cared about the living and all the promises she
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goodnovel comment avatar
This chapter was so sad! I was on the verge of tears with every paragraph!
goodnovel comment avatar
you are becoming a master at cliffhanger S.Y! We want her back, she is right, she deserves happiness after all she went through
goodnovel comment avatar
Did Kane’s tear bring her back? That would be awesome.

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