Chapter 21 Surrounded by Women

For a moment, the atmosphere in the meeting room was tense and awkwardly silent.

Samantha Lindt felt humiliated. She had been in the company for so many years and got to her position with a lot of effort, so she did not mean to leave just like that.

Grant Stanton standing up for the newcomer Nicole was also a slap in the face for Samantha.

The meeting room was silent, and everyone looked at each other.

Nicole frowned slightly. She did not want to be targeted the moment she took office. Just as she was about to ease the tension in the room, Samantha stood up apprehensively with a flushed face.

“President Stanton, I’m sorry for my transgression. I respect the company’s decision and will work well with Ms. Nicole.”

“Good. Meeting adjourned.”

Grant Stanton did not say much. He did not want to waste another minute and left the meeting room in an imposing manner.

Samantha then let out a long breath of relief.

Although many others had opinions about Nicole’s arrival, they dared not o
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Mary Elena Gonzalez
I’m hooked on this book
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Nomandla Msutu
wow for Nicole to act as an ordinary person, that is just too great.
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Marnie MQ Ricardo
can't make it to pay. whhyy?

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