Chapter 2624 Wasted Efforts

Jade’s rudeness made Floyd’s face darken.

Nicole twitched the corner of her mouth indifferently.

“The shares of Stanton Corporation belong to the Stanton family. Back then, Uncle Noah signed his shares over to the company so that he would only enjoy the dividends. Now that he has left the company, he will not be able to enjoy the dividends. Aunt Jade, your plan has failed. These shares aren’t part of your property division. Even if they are to be divided, the interests of the company come first.”

Jade’s complexion was dull.

“Then what should I do? If he goes to jail, how will I survive? I don’t care! Those shares must be given to me! Otherwise, I won’t rest!”

Jade sat there looking like a rogue, as if she was determined to get the shares.

Floyd’s face was gloomy, and he glanced at Jade with a complicated look.

“You should go back and wait for the police and the company’s notice. Noah stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the company. The company is nice enough not to chase
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