Chapter 2626 Accidental Death

Jade was silent for a moment. Then, she pursed her lips.

“I don’t care what method you use. You must get your parents to see Selena. Otherwise, I will make your parents drink this bottle of potassium cyanide.”

Jennifer raised her head abruptly. Her face was extremely pale.


She spoke in a low voice.

The uneasiness and fear in her eyes could not be concealed.


A few days later, the opportunity came.

Eric specially brought Selena to attend a charity auction to relax her mind.

Moreover, he also bought a lot of jewelry and antiques. Soon, he became the focus of the crowd.

After the auction, there was a charity dinner.

Jennifer’s parents managed to get an invitation through various channels.

Jade was already in the center of the venue. She wanted to watch this good show, but Jennifer’s parents came late, and the crowd dispersed when they arrived.

Jade was furious.

If they missed this opportunity, how long would they have to wait for the next opportunity?

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