Chapter 2631 The Real Ending

Chatty and Fischer had been apart for so long, so they cried when they finally hugged.

Fischer could not bear to see her cry.

When her sobbing eased a little, Fischer lowered his head to wipe her tears and gently coaxed her not to cry.

Chatty took a deep breath and calmed herself down as soon as possible.

She had so many questions for him.

Seeing that her eyes were swollen from crying, Fischer pinched her cheek and said with a smile, “Do you still want to drink coffee? If you don’t want this, we can go to my place, and I’ll make you a cup of coffee.”

Chatty nodded.

Fischer let down his hand and naturally held Chatty’s hand. He turned around to pick up her bag and pushed the door open.

The waiter at the back was envious that they were such a perfect match.

Chatty saw that he was holding her hand and felt as if an electric current passed through her heart.

When they were young, Fischer often held her hand. They were inseparable, and he liked her the most.

Was he still the same
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Holly Prendergast
I want a story with Chance and Seth. See how that works out
goodnovel comment avatar
Is there going to be a part two so that we can see what happen with chatty and fisher also about. Chance
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Samantha Demay-mora
I wanted more info about Erik and semen's marriage and new child. left me hanging

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