Chapter 26 What’s the Bet?

Phantom led Monster and Nicole to take a bow after the performance. Nicole smiled brightly and got off the stage with poise.

‘Luckily, I still remember the basics! This performance is still quite satisfactory.’ Nicole thought.

Phantom and Monster followed Nicole off the stage. Monster went over and patted her shoulder. “Lil Nicole, why don’t you just join our band? We’re willing to kick Demon out for you!”

Nicole lowered her head and laughed. “If Demon hears this, he’d probably get up from his hospital bed right now and fight you!”

Monster was in great spirits. “I’m so thrilled to perform with you today. You’re the composer of this song anyway, so except for Demon, only you can perform so flawlessly with us. Lil Nicole, you seem just like you were three years ago!”

Nicole felt a trace of bitterness in her heart. She seemed to have missed out on an inordinate amount of life’s excitement in these three years. Fortunately, it was still not too late to get back on track.

Monster refu
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Kindle!!!! This should be on there…
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I already started reading this. Ok and paid for most of it got tired of paying so when I came back i have pay for the hole book again instead of letting me finish where I left off
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Gotta pay for to much

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