Chapter 2058 Suddenly Murdered

Yasmin was stunned for a moment. She seemed even more remorseful.

“Mr. Ferguson is coming? Will he blame me for not taking good care of the young master? I really didn’t mean for this to happen. I don’t know why the young master suddenly had a fever. The young master is so well-behaved and sensible. I just wished that I could suffer all this for him instead!”

Mitchell paused. He thought that he was too harsh, which scared her.

“Don’t worry. At least you sent him to the hospital in time. The doctor said that if you hadn’t brought him over in time, the young master might have suffered brain damage.”

This was a near miss.

Otherwise, if the young master had brain damage, he would have a tough life.

Yasmin sniffled.

“Mr. Crawford, please help me to beg for mercy later. Don’t kick me out. I’ll definitely take care of the young master.”

Mitchell frowned.

“It depends on Mr. Ferguson.”

He did not want to continue speaking.

Mitchell turned around and went to another side to go through
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