Chapter 2062 What He Should Not Say

Chance’s expectations of his father were no longer as high as they were in the beginning.

He gradually accepted that his father did not like him.

Eric cared more about Uncle Mitchell and did not care about him.

Uncle Mitchell said that there was a reason for it and that he would understand when he grew up.

However, could he survive until then?

Nicole sat there for less than two minutes before Clayton brought the doctor over.

She stood up and was about to walk away when Chance opened his eyes, took her hand, and looked at her pitifully.

Nicole suddenly felt a little soft-hearted.

In the next second, Clayton walked over with a smile, took Chance’s hand away from Nicole, held his hand, and sat in Nicole’s seat. He said with a smile, “Do you need to be coaxed to sleep? I’m more experienced in taking care of children. Let me!”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and nodded immediately.

“Right, go ahead!”

She completely believed in Clayton’s ability.

Clayton could even control the little
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I can’t make audio work it’s says it’s not available anyone knows anything?
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Dawn Preciado
Please let this innocent child be given the to someone who will love him and take care of him. Author you can write what you like, but please draw the line with child abuse.

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