Chapter 2103 Heard It All

Eric chuckled lightly. His face looked cold.

“She’s your mother, but she’s not my wife. She and I are archenemies, so how could I marry her?”

Chance looked a little dazed, but he quickly calmed down.

“Is she dead? Auntie said you got her killed!”

His tiny body was filled with anger.

Eric looked at him with deep and pitch-black eyes.

“She sought her own death. I didn’t need to do anything. I haven’t settled the score with you yet. You knew that she disguised as Yasmin to stay close to me, right?”

Chance pursed his lips. He looked stubborn and guilty.

“Yes. Mommy said she wanted to live with us.”

Eric laughed lightly, mocking his whims.

Mitchell sighed from the side.

Sure enough, a child was easily deceived.

Eric’s attitude toward his son was so cold. Did Chance and Angie not get his point?

There was a chill in his eyes.

Staring at Chance’s little face, Eric said in a cold voice, “So, you two directed your own show when you were sick and hospitalized?”

Chance was a little
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Comments (4)
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Anewor Odaur Atsoc
Why eric stil cant move while nichole has a new life. Will she be loved by eric forever..why its getting bored and uninterested to follow evry chspter..why not end the story if eric will be left behind if his the scumbag and jerk hre then better end ur story its kinda boring now
goodnovel comment avatar
Kristen Sealy
It’s turning into garbage because number 1 there’s no audio anymore because it never works and #2 they release 1 chapter a day so you get uninterested and bored with the lack of progress. I think I’m finally done with this
goodnovel comment avatar
Eva Gibson
I have been complaining to this site for month and they do nothing, so now l post everywhere to not read on this site because they don't make their writers end a book, so you don't get to read other writers work because of this.

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