Chapter 2107 Let’s Be Realistic

Everyone surrounded Mitchell and bombarded him with questions.

Mitchell smiled and shook his head.

“Are you all that curious?”

Everyone nodded.

How could they not be curious?

Mitchell paused. “If you're curious, ask Mr. Ferguson yourselves!”

He looked serious as he stared at them.

“All of you discussed gossip during work hours, so you’d better work two hours of overtime to make up for it!”

Everyone was stunned like they were struck by lightning.

“Mr. Crawford is more like a boss than Mr. Ferguson!”


Stanton Mansion.

Although Jay Malone entrusted his company to professionals, he was not completely assured because they were not his confidants.

Thus, Jay regularly took time out every month to check on his company.

Jay’s grandson, Fischer, was left to Floyd.

Chatty had an obsession with Ultraman recently. Fischer dressed up as Ultraman to make her happy, but that could no longer satisfy her.

That was because Chatty could push Fischer down easily, and Fischer would cry w
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Juliette M Griffith-Campbell
This is hilarious ...
goodnovel comment avatar
how do we find out who this author is so I can avoid their books from now on??
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right...I feel like the writer lost track of the original story line and is just searching for anything at this point.

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