Chapter 2111 Bullied

Nicole looked sideways at Clayton. Clayton’s breathing in the darkness was very light.

She knew that he was not asleep.

“For the time being? That’s to say he might go back in the future?”

Nicole had experienced unimaginable dangers, so she did not want the people around her to experience it too.

Not everyone was so lucky to survive a crisis over and over again.

Clayton sighed lightly. His tone was cold as he said, “They might not give up easily. His aunt is the best at tugging at people’s heartstrings. Otherwise, she could not have managed the family for so long. But I can’t keep him by my side forever.”

Michael was grown up and had his own mind.

Nicole blinked. “Why don’t we let him stay?”

“I’ve spent so long paving the way for him in the field he’s studying now. He’s the best at it and likes what he does. He has the top teachers in Europe and can only get the best education there.”

Clayton’s voice was a little low and hoarse.

Perhaps he was tired.

“Go to sleep, baby. He wo
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well nicole and eric is not the endgame so I done.eric should have her badly and fall love with her later. I still clayton is evil
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This book is nothing but a big ass circus! Chatty at two calling her dad in the phone , aggressive fighting people! Chance is so weak and bullied all the time! Was just in the hospital and out in the public unattended at 3.
goodnovel comment avatar
release more chapters....this 1 chapter a day is complete BS

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