Chapter 24


“Don’t worry, dad, I really am fine” I heard Kiara say as she spoke to her dad. The door to her bedroom was open as she spoke to him “alright, take care of yourself, yeah?”

“Okay, we’ll talk soon, bye” I heard her say before she hung up and put the phone on her bed.

“So, which is it this time? Am I asleep, sick, or mentally unstable?” I asked in a teasing tone making Kiara laugh.

“First, hi, second, you know that I hate lying to him. But imagine him finding out about me working with a mafia man rather than a child? The man would get a heart attack before I’m even done with the sentence” Kiara said bending down to fix her heels.

“Fair enough” I chuckled. I watched as she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror before turning around to face me.

“How do I look?” She asked.

“Like I’m going to have to beat up abou

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I'm waiting for the moment Arthur finds out who Kiara is.

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