Chapter 61


“Easy there, girl” I smiled patting my horse as she came to a stop.

I leaned down to kiss her neck and smiled scratching her hair twice “now, I’m jealous”

I laughed turning to face my husband who was standing in front of the fence of the field. His arms were crossed over his chest as he watched me walk toward him. Angel ignoring the fact that I was on top of her, walked toward him and he smiled run his hand over her head as he pat her softly.

“How’d you know that I was here?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Do I not know my wife?” Alessio teased making me smile. I got down from on top of Angel, taking her reins in my hand as not to have her run around the field, she tended to do that when she was left loose, and pat the beauty’s neck before walking to my husband.

His hand cupped my cheek as he gave me a soft, gentle kiss on the lips. I smiled into the kiss before the two o

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